Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Whatever (changes) Wednesday

Whatever Wednesday or Whatever happened to Blogger?
Such a nice surprise this morning on Blogger. What was on the left side is now on the right side. What was hidden under a tab is now on the left side. Isn't it kind of late Blogger to do Spring cleaning? I truly believe your timing is very wrong and upsetting but, I will adapt because I FEAR!

Now this being said, let's move on!

Just wanted to show you a pillow I did before I came to Blogland. It was made for my son who loves black. I mean LOVES black.  Remember the black 9-Patch quilt I showed on my blog about a year?  No? Here it is again. 

Anywho! I made a pillow for the same son. (in the picture above with squinted eyes against the sun) The pillow doesn't necessarily have to match the quilt. With boys, matching stuff is lost on them. As long it is representing what they love or has the colour they want, all is good. 

A Dutchmen Puzzle Block was chosen by DS2. If you look closely, you'll see that I did the block too small for the pillow and had to sash it. The front is colourful and the back, not so much.

For him, this side is now the front. (At age 20, I guess colours aren't as cool as they used to.)  It is the same block. What a difference changing the values makes. So changes sometimes, aren't that different. They just read differently.

Until next time ...

Don't be afraid of the changes.



  1. I like both sides of the pillow and the quilt as well. I'm not afraid of the changes but like you I found them to be a bit of a surprise.

  2. J'aime les deux côtés de ton coussin Chantal...Ton fils doit être heureux d'avoir eu ce cadeau !! :))
    Gros xoxo

  3. Oooooo - my Blogger is just the same! Is this something I have to look forwar to I wonder? Stunning quilt and I love the colourful side of the cushion, but then I too am a black fan. xx

  4. THat is a great pillow whichever side is showing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. love the different sides of the pillow....


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