Thursday, 1 December 2016

November OMG and Oops!

For the November One Monthly Goal, I wanted to finish the blocks left from the month of June of the 365 (block-a-day) Challenge but I had some Oops!

June 8 to 16
The blocks of June 1st to the 16th were previously made back when it was sunny and warm. The goal for November was to make from the 18th to the 30th. Here's how it went.

First a picture of June 17th as it was finished back then but not yet shown.

17 - Colt's Corral with 16 pieces.

18 - Mineral Wells - 69 pieces

19 - WTC Union - 31 pieces

20 - Joseph Coats - 49 pieces

21 - Windblown Squares - 24 pieces

Now here's the thing; in the North Hemisphere, June is the beginning of Summer. Since Kathryn lives in Australia, she was at the beginning of Winter. Hence the Windblown Squares block. BUT, Kathryn, being the angel that she is, thought of us, up North, and also gave us the block for December 21st (in other words, her Summer block) appropriately named Summer Wind. And yes, I did both. 😃

21 - Summer Wind - 45 pieces (another contender for RSC2017)

22 - Buckwheat - 32 pieces

You may have noticed that there's a big Oops! in this block. That's what happen when I try to rush and multi-task, trying to reach my goal. Of course I only noticed it after the block had its corners trimmed. At the moment, it is my humble block. I have a feeling it will go through a surgery before the quilt gets assembled. (Maybe I should change it now while I still have some of that fabric left?) 😖

Union Square - made at the same time as Buckwheat, also got a Oops!  The pattern calls for 4 dark and 5 light. (!!!) See the mistake? So I started over and the above 9-patch will go into another quilt. :^D

23 - Union Square - 21 pieces (not counting the blooper)

24 - Virginia Reel - 56 pieces

25 - Wyoming Valley - uh! ... no, not yet.

I didn't achieved my goal for November. :^(  I had a craft sale on November 12 and didn't start working on the blocks before the 15th of the month. Yes, I know, procrastinating is an ugly disease!   😒

Group photo
Total of 343 pieces for 9 blocks completed (and two bloopers). Not bad!

For the OMG December, my goal will be to baste and quilt RSC2015 named Hidden Gems. Yes, this lovely quilt, which has attracted so much attention, is not quilted yet.

I would be very happy to have it quilted before December 31st. Wish me luck because it is a full size quilt.

I will also continue to plow through the 365 Challenge blocks. Stay tuned to see more pictures of them blocks.

Joining Patty at Elm Street Quilt for One Monthly Goal: December. You can see all the new challenges and don't forget to check out all the achieved November goals. Some are wonderful, as always.

Joining Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for "Can I get a Whoop Whoop?" because seriously,  who doesn't need a Whoop Whoop?

Joining Myra at Busy Hands Quilts for Finished or Not Friday. Any projects made this week, finished or not, involving fabric, yarn or thread is welcome at Myra's place.

Joining Angie at A Quilting Reader's Garden for WIPs Be Gone.

Hope to see you there too.

Until next time ...



  1. Your blocks are lovely but the Hidden Gems quilt is BEYOND GORGEOUS!! I am a RSC veteran, how have i missed this one?

  2. Oh, you already know how much I love Hidden Gems! I also love that terrific outer border! Gorgeous! Good luck on the finish by the end of December! 8)
    That Summer Wind is a really intriguing block. It really would make a good choice for RSC2017, wouldn't it? Hmmm...

  3. Oh my giddy heart! I love your hidden gems. Is there a pattern or at least some measurements somewhere?

  4. thats heaps of blocks you have done... and they look wonderful. Good luck with the quilting - yoiu can do it!

  5. That was a very big goal....and isn't it great that having the goal gets you closer to the finish.

  6. J'adooore tes blocks et les couleurs choisies ! Bravo Chantal pour tes avancées... et ton top, une fois quilté, sera magnifique !

  7. Good luck with getting that quilting done - it is just so gorgeous. Am thinking about doing the RSC next year. I love all your little blocks too. Shame about the Ooops - I should change that one while you remember! xx

  8. Great project. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal.

  9. Beautiful sample blocks, whoops and all. Love your RSC quilt! Such a unique setting. Good luck with your goal for December.

  10. very nice blocks...i am still behind (what else) but catching up....

  11. Love the Hidden Gems--good luck on your goal! I hope I remember that I have the December 21st block done and don't make another one--lol!

  12. Very nice! Thanks for linking up to Finished or Not Friday.

  13. Wow that's a lot of blocks and a lot of pieces. Well done! Hope you reach your quilting goal. And thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone so i could see all your lovely work.

  14. Your 365 Challenge colors are just gorgeous!! That quilt will be a stunner! :)


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