Saturday, 6 May 2017

On the greens ...

No, I am not a golfer. To me, on the greens means, sitting in my backyard. Unfortunately today it's raining so there'll be no sitting outside, but I can always find green in my sewing room! :^D

Green like this ...

One little Buckwheat ...

Two little Buckwheat ...

Three and four future Buckwheat.

I have lots of sewing to do and I also have to be at the craft show, or is it a craft fair? What's the difference? Anywho! I have to be there. I'll share photos of it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, you might like a quilt show right at your finger tips. It's happening right now at Angela's Soscrappy place. I'm sure you will find plenty of green in the linky party. I'll be there!

Rainbow Scrap Challenge at Angela's

On Sunday, I'll be with Cynthia for Oh Scraps! Another great place to find inspiration and plenty of Ohs and Ahs.

Until next time ...



  1. I love your 'On the Greens' idea, that's how I like to be on the green as well. Nice Buckwheat blocks, my first time hearing that quilt block name.

  2. That buckwheat block is really neat. Enjoy the craft show today.

  3. Cute little buckwheat blocks. Great colour placement to make the most of the green.

  4. Those are really unique blocks - I like them!

  5. Great blocks. I love the colour combo of the first block.

  6. I love sitting in my backyard, too, maybe with a book or some sewing?! Hopefully you'll have some nice weather soon so you can, Chantal! Meanwhile, your buckwheat blocks are looking good in green!

  7. Those lively buckwheat blocks look great in green. Keep up the good work!

  8. the green buckwheat blocks are looking great Chantal. Hope you have some sun and enjoy the green outside.

  9. Isn't it just wonderful that we have such good inspirations from both linky parties! We had lots of rainy days too, but this week the sun has graced us with her company! Hope you get some sunshine soon. Great block.

  10. Best of luck at your craft event!!

  11. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap! We always love to see what you are sewing with your scraps.

  12. Nice little green Buckwheats - hope to get my green scraps out next week. xx

  13. Ok. It's another month that I have to say I love those Buckwheat blocks and need to make some!


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