Sunday, 30 April 2017

Neglecting the sewing room

Well, more like neglecting the sewing machine. Lately, my time in the sewing room is spent on hand quilting. I am working on my Ohio Star Shadow.

Here, you can see (a little bit of) the markings of feathers. I'm at the bottom row still. When these three Ohio Stars are quilted, I'll be able to roll the quilt a bit. :^D I can not say that the first row will be done because only the second and third row of the star is stitched. It is too hard for me to quilt curving lines when my arms are extended to almost their maximum. So, I'll wait until I can bring it down a notch or two, to do the top row of the stars.

I did do a few minutes of workout on the sewing machine in the last two weeks. Yikes! It has been two weeks since my last post!!?? How did that happened? Well, I can not say I didn't enjoyed those weeks so it's all good! :^D

Worked with the newest addition to the RSC family and I started with purple.

This one was asking for teal and I have to admit it looks real good.

And the wanna-be plaid with purple and dots.  Not sure how this fabric will befriend teal or aqua. That is something I can think about while I'm adding some stitches on the star quilt.

Until next time. ...


Angela at Soscrappy 
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  1. Whether progress at the quilt frame or at the sewing machine, progress is good!!

  2. Your 'ohio star' quilt is looking good! I'm doing some quilting too at the moment, I'm finding it a nice change from the sewing machine.

  3. Your blocks are so interesting. I can't wait to see how they will all come together. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. You're making progress, even if it's a tad slower than you'd like it's still forward momentum! Hand quilting is slow, but so worth it when the quilt is finished.

  5. lovely to be handquilting your quilt... it will be just gorgeous... and you have some pretty blocks there too...

  6. I always have trouble getting much other sewing done when I am at the quilting stage of a large quilt, so I completely understand what you've been up to! Your Ohio Star quilt will be just beautiful, and I hope you're enjoying the time spent hand quilting! Fun Buckwheat blocks, too!

  7. Love the way you are making use of the colour of the month. What a great idea to bring unity to the whole thing.

  8. Can't wait to see more of your feather quilting!
    Post more photos next week!

  9. I was wondering what you were up to! Your Ohio Star looks lovely and your RSC blocks have worked out really well. xx

  10. I'm really looking forward to seeing your buckwheat blocks to together! It's such an interesting block!
    And I love that Ohio star - enjoy the quilting! Can't wait to see the feathers!

  11. OH how lovely...gorgeous new blocks!!

  12. Coucou Chantal !
    L'Ohio star est mon étoile préférée alors c'est sûr, je vais aimer ton quilt ! hihi ! Et je suis intriguée par ton nouveau projet ! Les tissus sont plutôt modernes non ? Je suis impatiente de voir ce que tu vas en faire !
    J'espère que tu vas bien !
    Gros bisous et bonne continuation !^^

  13. I love those blocks! Your feathers are going to be beautiful on your quilt!!


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