Sunday, 11 June 2017

The new and the old

I was asked if I would be interested in mending an old quilt.  (CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE)  How can I say no? Of course, I'm interested in this project.

A co-worker has loved his ex-mother-in-law's quilt to the bone. (Yes, he kept the quilt after the divorce. Nice, right?)

Oh yes, to the bone! 

This Wedding Ring quilt must be a summer quilt because the lightest batting I have seen so far was used.

Both ends are very yellowed. It will have a long hot bath with Dawn once I am done. Some fixing is needed at both ends.

It is machine pieced and hand quilted. Done some 30 years ago, in brown and salmon colored calico fabrics, it has faded somewhat. It makes it hard for me to find some matching fabrics. A muslin was used for the background and for the backing.  

The little bit on the bottom right is the one I sewn in. It looks so bright but that is the best I can do. After mending this one, I read on the web that it is better to leave the old fabric in and just applique the new one on top. Ahhhhh! I guess it will be easier and faster than removing the old torn fabric.  ':^[

 Little hearts forming a circle were quilting in the background.

Almost look like a star. Hard to photograph the quilting. Hope you can see it.

 Little hearts in the squares joining the rings.

The fabrics are always in the same order.

So this will be my slow stitching project for today ... and the rest of the month! Hehehe! No, it shouldn't take that long, except that I only have one fabric in my stash that matches. Time for a shopping spree ....umm... I mean ... oh you know what I mean!

I'll be at Kathy's place for Slow Sunday Stitching.  Catch you there.

Until next time .... I'll be enjoying the sunny days!



  1. If you find the new fabrics too bright...try tea dying them. I did this with regular pekoe tea and my brighter white fabric...turned an aged beige. So nice that you are helping to preserve the quilt.

  2. So generous of you to repair this well loved and important quilt!
    Enjoy your stitching today!

  3. You must have a heart of gold to take on such a precious project! My beloved ex-daughter-in-law kept their wedding afghan - and I'm so glad she did. In my heart, she will always be my daughter! Your work is so beautiful and well thought out! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I forgot to mention how beautiful the quilt in your header is! Love that pattern! Take care!

  5. You have a great project ahead of you, years ago a friend asked me to repair his late grandmothers quilt I was so honored to be trusted with such a precious heirloom and thankful I has tons of scraps from years of haunting antique shops and thrift stores for old fabrics.

  6. Happy shopping! Um, I mean repairing! Happy repairing!

  7. Ça ne doit pas être facile de réparer un tel trésor, bon courage .

  8. what a kindness to repair this well loved quilt. the little heart quilting is a sweet touch.

  9. So many people would have just gotten rid of the quilt at this point, your friend must really treasure it and the relationship he once had with his ex MIL. So wonderful of you to take on this task, it is definitely a quilt worth saving.

  10. Bless your heart for being willing to tackle this, good luck!

  11. It's going to be beautiful again.

  12. What a beautiful quilt and how lovely that the owner wishes to preserve it. What a lovely project - enjoy. xx

  13. Hi, this is such a nice project and a learning one too. Those old quilts are so precious and you are generous to devote so much time to it.


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