Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Whatever Wednesday: A new love

I have found a new lover ... ummm ... I mean a new love. Yes, a new love. No, I didn't get a cat but ... it is something I've been wanting for a long time.

I have learned a new craft!! It is a lot of fun!!

It's weaving. Like in weaving on a loom. I love it.

I did four dishcloths as my first project. Yes, I know there's only three in the picture; no, I don't know why. Ha! Maybe you can see the mistakes in there. Maybe they aren't that easy to spot. Anywho! You don't become an expert on your first try, right? Good! Cause neither have I! :^D

Have I mentioned that I joined a group of craft oriented group? There's quilters, knitters, crochet, embroidery, paintings and even some do dried flowers arrangements. A lady does birthday cards with embroidery. (Shown here) Well, in this group there is also some weavers and I wanted to learn so they taught me. Yay!

Care to take a little tour? Okay.  (click image to enlarge)

This is the view as you walk into the loom room. It's in the basement at a church so don't mind the floor. You can see the rear of the three looms.

This is the front of the three looms.  The bench has a compartment on each side so you can put your thread, shuttles, spare bobbins, etc. Pretty cool.

In the other corner, sits the Big Loom. It makes afghans so it is really long.

A lady is making an aqua and taupe afghan. The yarn is textured so it makes it very interesting.

The lady next to me is working on a shawl. This is the back of her machine. There is about three inches of thread all rolled up and ready to go. We should be able to make a lot of shawls with that. I hope I'll be able to make one too because it is so gorgeous. Just look at her work. Awwwwesome.

But first I need the learn the basic. So this is my station for now and I am working on tea towels.

They are done in brown, beige and yellow.  The red ones, matching the dishcloths, were all done. Oh well, that's fine if they don't match. I'm still having fun making them. It is a smaller work place compare to the shawl but it is still a lot of work. I get to use some muscles that have been resting way too long.  :^D  I'll share more pictures once they are done and bound.  When I am done with these, I'll ask if I may make some pink and blue tea towels. You can see that set up in the foreground of the first and second pictures of the looms.

Now, you can understand why I haven't been quilting much lately. More on that later.

I will link with Sarah for Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? on Friday.

Until next time ...



  1. Oh wow c'est impressionnant ! Je suis impatiente de voir tes premiers pas ! Et c'est toujours stimulant d'apprendre une nouvelle technique !
    Bonne continuation Chantal !

  2. I think looms are beautiful and I wonder at how they work. What pretty weavings.

  3. Brilliant! Good for you. Those looms always look so beautiful, very tactile items in their own right. Well done with the dish cloths and I am looking forward to seeing what else you produce. xx

  4. Weaving is so much fun - after the loom is all warped that is! I can only imagine the time it took to completely warp the loom with the shawl yarn. I once had a loom and made quite a few things, some of which we still have. Like placemats that are nearly 35 years old and still go through the wash every couple of weeks! But quilting is more portable and suits me better at this point in my life. Enjoy your new craft!

  5. Weaving is a lot of fun. I did some weaving, but decided I didn't need another hobby that takes up that much space. We had to pay to use the loom at the community center. Nice that you can do it at the church.

  6. What fun. These look neat! What a great thing to have access to.

  7. I used to weave when I was younger and I still have a LeClerc counterbalance loom that has been gathering dust for years. My daughter thinks I should get rid of it....but maybe when I retire I will rekindle the love.

  8. How interesting that the looms are in a church and open for people to use. I am wondering if there are rules for how long you can tie up a loom with a project you are working on.

  9. Lucky for you to find a such wonderful group of creative people to join in with! It is always so much fun to learn a new craft.


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