Sunday, 13 August 2017

Ready? Set. Quilt!

The new seat covers are taking shape.

It looks so good with its dark frame.

Then the basting started.

Not many pins left.

But today is too sunshiny nice of a day to be in the basement. So out the door I go. Of course, I'll bring something to do with me.

I tagged this project. One side is completely done (Yay!) and I am now closing the front to the back. I am trying to match her closing stitches.

Don't know if you can see her stitches here. It's very crude whip-stitches. The picture was taken with my phone as I still don't have my camera. Sigh! It is gone back to the factory to see the good Canon Doctor. I miss it.

Meanwhile, let's have some fun with these ladies;

Cynthia for Oh Scraps!

Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching.

I'll be there.

Until next time ....



  1. Your repair is looking great!

  2. Your seat cushions are going to be too pretty to sit on, ya know!
    And hurray for the repairs being almost done! What a big job you tackled!

  3. I like those seat cushions a lot - such a fun idea!

  4. such pretty seat cushions being made. what a good idea - maybe i need to do that too... but then I have to decide on a colour... hmmmmm
    great mending job you are doing....


  5. I like the seat covers, the colors and the design.

  6. The seat covers are looking good, and I am looking forward to seeing them after you quilt them.

  7. Neat idea of making seat covers. The color and pattern are beautiful. Working on old quilts is such a challenge but such a wonderful thing to do. Good luck with that project.

  8. Love your blue and white and the renovations are looking great. xx

  9. Fantastic seat cowrs.Love the design and the fabric combo!

  10. I really like those seat cushions. Your repair is coming along nicely.

  11. You are really making progress! The seat covers are nice, and the repair work is looking fantastic!

  12. Your seat cushions will brighten up the inside of your new car quite nicely. You have a lot of patience to be repairing that quilt. It's a lovely quilt though.

  13. Nice seat covers! Wonderful restoration on the quilt, a labor of love.

  14. Very pretty block choice and colors for the seat covers. The work on the old quilt is a labor of love. How nice that you are restoring this beauty ... :) Pat

  15. So generous and kind of you to fix this quilt! That's a challenge that I would likely postpone indefinitely!


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