Friday, 17 November 2017

The weatherman said the "F" word

Yes, he did!!

Naughty weatherman!

(taken from Internet)

He said we have a chance of ... flurries. Yikes!! :^{
I am not ready for this. Neither is my little car. She needs some winter boots. This is my first winter driving her. It's kind of a scary thought. Howling winds, blinding flurries, snow drifts, ... and she is so small. Will she be able to plow through all that like the hummer does?  I think I'll switch vehicle with husband for the winter and get the hummer back. :^D  Hubby's a much better driver than I. Besides, he works in the city where the streets are always cleared right away. I get the scenic tour through the woods. I usually don't mind, I love my commute drive, with the pines full of snow and ... oh shit!

Anywho! Hiding in the sewing room for the moment and I did get to accomplish a few things. Let's see.
Oops! This is some secret sewing. Can't show it to you yet.

I worked on my RSC 2017 blocks. November is Dark Color month. Navy is a dark color, right?
Hole in the Barn Door. Just take my words for it, it is navy blue.

After I trimmed this piece, I noticed how small that sliver of orange on top is. I should have centered it better in the piece and would have ended up with more of a splash of orange color. Duh! Can you spot this tiny little piece in the block Hole in the Barn Door above? 

Did you find it? Ridiculous, right? Too bad. Not starting over. :P

Then Diann at Little Penguin Quilts inspired me with this post.  I too have some alphabet fabrics. So I started to play with the idea and had an audition session. What have I came up with?

No letters, but, oh! what a statement! I have a gut feeling this one will be focal point of the quilt. :^D

Then, I played with flannel because Mr. Weatherman is still talking dirty ****! Now, he's calling it a sn*w storm!

Of course, this kind of weather also calls for soup, right? I found these pastas at the Balk Barn store, where you can buy everything in balk. Aren't they wonderful? I just had to buy some.

The description said no artificial coloring, no artificial flavor. They must be made with spinach, beets, carrots and the likes. I have no idea what the black is made of. Let's try it.

Added chicken broth, chunks of chicken, onions, carrots, spices and pastas. Yumm! It was so delicious, I had a second helping. With some healthy crackers and cheese it was just perfect.

To follow such a good meal, dessert has to be healthy too, right? So I did a fruit salad.

No, not that kind...

This kind!
(for my overseas friends, these are M&M candies)

LOL!! 😝

(This weather does not agree with me.)

Until next time ...


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  1. Omg your out off control with the f word........ Lol..... Cool pasta.... Stay warm and safe......

  2. Nice work on your RSC and yes, I can just spot the sliver of orange lol. Your soup looks delicious - we have been having soup too. No sign of snow here but we have had frosts and lovely clear sunny days. xx

  3. The snow is headed our way too, and yes, it's a four-letter word around our house too! That pasta looks perfect to make meals for the grandkids, though I've never seen it around here. Will have to keep looking.

  4. Laughing, laughing laughing at the fruit salad. And the pasta is kind of cute, too. And not only did our weather man say the bad word, but the skies opened with these "white flecks of paper" just falling down. Yes, flurries here this morning. Thanks for making me smile!

  5. That scrap of orange will be really tiny once it's in another seam.
    It would be interesting if your black pasta was licorice, but it's more likely black bean. Love your crumb additions to the Hole in the barn door blocks. We've had snow on the ground once already with more due on Sunday.

  6. That bowtie pasta looks cool! And I like your choice of desert. ;-)

    I like your blocks.

  7. Chantal, thanks for mentioning my post! I'm glad I could provide some inspiration! I love text fabric - it has been finding its way into most of my quilts these days. I love your crumb blocks, and the soup looks delicious! We have Thanksgiving turkey here this week, so turkey soup is on the menu with the leftovers!

  8. Pretty pasta! I bet it's healthy too, if it's made from colorful veggies. :-)
    Nifty scrap blocks!

  9. i love your scrap churn dash blocks.... you are naughty with your F bomb and dessert. I have used squid ink in pasta to make it black... a bit of fun. I love soups... must do more...

  10. Giggling at that fruit salad!
    And even a sliver of orange is better than no orange at all! 8)

  11. Secret sewing, striped pasta, and the "s word"? Oh, my!!

  12. That sounds like it is good weather to sit and sew and eat bowls of hot soup.

  13. black pasta = squid ink? Just a guess!

  14. You crack me up Chantal! Love your scrappy blocks and your fruit salad. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  15. mmmm soup...i made some today as well...but had to opt for real fruit (cardiac diet)....

  16. That looks more like a drop of orange than a splash! lol It's a fun block! When I saw your fruit salad I thought maybe it was fruit flavored Skittles. M&M's work, too.

  17. That is a teeny orange showing, but this is a scrap block so that's okay. What interesting pasta. Love your "fruit" salad - LOL. Stay warm.

  18. We've had snow flurries a couple times already as well as a real snow squall. Just think - it will be Spring in 4 months. :)


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