Friday, 1 December 2017

Rescued from the dust

Look who I found under a pile of dust bunnies!

It's my 365 Challenge, the ultimate sampler.
The basket with all the fabric I used so far also came out of its hiding place.

In this drawer, the smaller pieces of fabric are waiting their turn to shine in a block.

Yep, sometimes, I use this old home-made tall dresser as a cutting table. The height of it helps my posture. But I digress.

While searching in my blog the last post mentioning the 365 Challenge quilt, I noticed that some blocks were never properly presented to you. Let's start with them, shall we.

June 29 - Contrary Wife - 41 pieces

June 30 - Beggar's Block - 57 pieces

The total of pieces for June's blocks (the biggest month of the year)  - 1455
Bringing the grand total to 4997 pieces. And only half of the quilt is done!

Now for the newest blocks.

Maple Leaf - 15 pieces and
Clown's Choice - 24 pieces for July first and second. These are only 3.5 inches

July 3 - Temple Court - 45 pieces

July 4 - July Fourth - 17 pieces

Oops! Not done yet. :^D

A little while back, I won a bag of scraps from Julie at Julie K Quilts. Yeah me! I received it this week and hold me down somebody ... WOW!!!

 It was no small package! Look at the shipping price on this box.  Yep, it's a big box.

 And it was filled to the brim with scraps! Heaven!

So full of gorgeous scraps. AHHHHhhhhhh! It's so exciting!

Some lovely flannel, (I found more at the bottom of the box), and 5, (yes, 5) lovely fat quarters. Ah! Pinch me!  Notice the lighthouse piece please, you will see it again soon.
Thank you soooooo much Julie. You know I will use every single piece there is in this box. You have made my week! ♥ ♥ ♥

That's all for now.
But I'll be back. ;^)

Joining Sarah at Confession of a Fabric Addict.
Joining Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun than Housework.


  1. I am glad you will use those pieces all up!!! Yahoo!

  2. Great blocks for your 365 sampler. Isn't it fun to revisit an unfinished top you haven't seen in awhile?! And so fun to delve into a new box of scrappy goodness. Have a great weekend.

  3. Quel immense travail pour ce sampler !! Mais il a eu du succés à travers le monde entier ! Le tien est magnifique !
    Lucky you pour avoir gagné le carton de scraps ! Woaaaaa !!!! Tous ces morceaux....ça fait rêver...
    Bon WE Chantal et à très bientôt ! xoxo

  4. What a wonderful box to win! And I love your sampler piece; it is so deserving of being rescued and finished!

  5. Wow, your 365 sampler looks huge already and you're only on July? That will be one big quilt. What fun to have a big box of new scraps to play with.

  6. Wow and wow again! Your 365 is gorgeous and what a big box of beautiful bounty you've got!

  7. I see lots of future play time with that big box of scraps. Any plans?

  8. Great to see your 365 out and about again. What an amazing box of scraps - I am sure you will have fun with those. xx

  9. I'm glad to see your 365 quilt out again, too! It has such pretty colors, and definitely amazing blocks with lots of pieces! Have fun working on it again!

  10. Wait. Almost 5000 pieces and only half done?!?!!! That's amazing. It's going to be one gorgeous quilt!

  11. Nice to see your 365 Challenge quilt again - your blocks look really good! Lucky you to receive such a treasure trove of scraps. What a great prize!!

  12. Goregous quilt, love the colors. What a win and how fun to raffle through.

  13. good to see 365 out the box.... does that mean you are going to get it finished this month???/ lovely win of scraps... have lots and lots of scrappy fun...

  14. Good grief!! That is a BIG box of scraps!!! Enjoy!

  15. It's nice that you are doing all your blocks in just two colors. It makes them all go together very well. That box is really a treasure chest. Have fun!

  16. Don't let the dust bunnies near it again! What a lot of wonderful blocks and piecing. Have fun with the scraps!

  17. Happiness is a giant box of scraps. Just think of all the entertainment and I aspiration it will bring you. Keep progessing on your quilt. It is going to be a beauty. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  18. omigosh....lovely so glad mine is done....and gorgeous scraps...

  19. Beautiful blocks! Enjoy the scraps. Looks like you hit gold there.

  20. so pleased you shock the dust off this's a beautiful quilt.............great colours too............lots of fine piecing though..........


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