Sunday, 18 February 2018

Yesterday RSC

I missed yesterday. I wanted to be at Angela's place for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge but ended up elsewhere.

I drove down to Cornwall to be with my friend Pink. We did some shopping ... of course! :^D

I needed some fabric for the swap Barb (Fun with Barb) is so generously hosting again this year. Thank you, Barb. :^)  This time we are to swap Churn Dash blocks. I'm in the traditional group so I had to get some Civil War era fabrics. I picked some nice Jo Morton one. Do you like?


I added a few fat quarters in the colors of my 365 Challenge and the yardage is a "just because".

Talking of the 365 Challenge, the lady at the checkout is sewing along this year and we had a nice chat. Quilting people are so nice.

Here is where I'm at with that challenge.

French Patchwork - 21 pieces (This is my all time favorite) (in person it isn't crooked)

Letter O - 29 pieces

Wedding Ring - 25 pieces

Twin Sisters - a big 8 pieces :^D

The total of pieces in these 4 blocks is 63.

The next block, July 18, has 44 pieces in a 3-inch block. It might take me the entire day for that one, lol.

Let's get back to the beginning and see what I have done in purple for the RSC.

WHAT? Just that?  Here in Canada it's a long weekend, so I'll work with Purple. Yay!

That's all for now.



  1. Lovely to get some shopping in. Swapping churn dashes will be great... they are always so effective together.... your 365 is coming along well...

  2. Great progress your 365. Beautiful new fabrics and the churn dash swap sounds fun.

  3. Lovely choices for the fabrics Chantal. And your 365's are great


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