Sunday, 15 April 2018

Les paniers de Cécile (Cecile's Baskets)

Back in January, I started to work on some basket blocks for a SAL with Cécile in France. I kind of knew what I wanted.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to sew it. 

This is the kind of setting triangle I want. Unfortunately, I am missing a corner stone on top of the blue basket. Duh! The yellow sashing has to be with the basket not with the setting triangle. 

This basket at the bottom has a corner stone on top. Unfortunately, it should have been sewn at the bottom. Now I have two corner stones together. Arghh! 

Some pieces have been ripped apart so often that I had to cut a new piece. The yellow fabric love to follow the seam ripper. (Darn!)

Today is the deadline for the Basket SAL and, unfortunately, this is all I have to show. (Just imagine it with yellow all around instead of the gray carpet, okay? Thanks.) I promise to send Cécile a picture of the finish project in a near future.  Just not today as I have said enough bad things for one day. 😖

You can see more basket quilts at Cécile's place in a day or two. Enjoy! 



  1. Oh I feel you frustration - I went through this when I put baskets on point late last year. I did lots of ripping before getting it all pulled together.
    Your scrappy baskets are very charming!

  2. I just love your scrappy baskets... working out that setting would do my head in though..... hope the blocks don't stretch...

  3. Oh comme je les aime trop tes petits paniers !! Et ce fond jaune si inhabituel les rend uniques !! Ahhh et tu sais quoi ? j'enrage que tu n'aies pas pu finir à temps car j'aurais bien aimé te compter dans le tirage au sort pour que tu puisses avoir ta chance ! Il sera super beau ton quilt Chantal !!

  4. So, the name of the quilt is "Little Baskets of Trouble"? Les Petits Paniers de Peine?

  5. I can sympathize, my weekend project of a flowy dress made with Liberty Lawn had a few seam ripper moments. I've sewed nothing but quilts for thirty years, forgetting a few early sewing lessons. Your scrappy baskets are so cute! I will remember your idea.

  6. Focus on the progress you made with these beautiful baskets. Deadlines come and deadlines go, but the enjoyment of the process is what really counts!!


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