Sunday, 8 April 2018

Sew-a-thon Wednesday

Last Wednesday was my "Sew-a-thon" with new friends.  And you know what? I forgot my camera!!! Duh!

But I can still show you what I worked on.
The scrappy flannel quilt is half way done. It needs another 5-6 rows to be long enough for DS#2.

Made with crumb blocks.

Stars and Squares

I have to make more blocks but the newest white flannel yardage that I bought is thinner than the one in the first blocks. That stumped me.

But, hey, it's an utility quilt so, does it really matter (to my sons) if the whites aren't matching?

Let the sewing continue. :^D

I had a lot of fun with the girls on Wednesday and can't wait for first Wednesday next month. On the other hand, time flies by fast enough as it is, I don't want to push it. 



Joining Cynthia for Oh Scraps! 


  1. What a fun cuddly quilt!
    I haven't worked much with flannel, but my sister-in-law just gave me a bunch of flannel scraps, so maybe I should do some experimenting!

  2. You're right - your son won't care about those flannels! He'll love this quilt and get a lot of use out of it because you made it! I love the scrappy stars all together - my favorite kind of block.

  3. As always it's beautiful and no your son's aren't going to care. I'm glad you have found some new friends to sew along with. That is always the best.

  4. Boys won't care if the fabrics don't match, your son will just be happy to have a(nother) quilt by mom.

  5. How lovely your quilt is looking - always great to bea able to sew with friends. xx

  6. What a great use of crumb blocks. It looks lovely.

  7. I think some quilts that are too perfect never get loved for fear of getting dirty. This is a great scrappy one ready to be cuddled with. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  8. Scrap quilts are my very favourite and I love yours especially with flannel - it will be so cuddly.


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