Monday, 21 May 2018

My Shame

You might have noticed that I am not blogging much lately and it takes fooooorrrrever for me to reply to comments.

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I could line up an impressive list of excuses but it's always better to say the truth so ... this is the reason. I don't want to be in the basement because ...

Order and Chaos had a fight in my sewing room. Guess who won?

My mojo left the room a long time ago and I just can't talk it back into my life it seems.
If depression had a face, it might look like this.

Until last Thursday.

I had signed up for a little course on how to sew a thread catcher which I did go to last Thursday. It was so much fun to be with people and sewing again that I believe I'm on the rebound.

 This is the little thread catcher I did. It has a pincushion on the desk and a deep basket for the thread. Cute, right?

A really deep basket, lol.

Now I am armed to tackle the monster sleeping on my sewing desk. En garde!

Happy sewing.



  1. This happens to me too when I let my scraps take over my sewing space. I just don't want to sew there anymore. A few hours of tidying up and you will be in the sewing mood again. I promise that it really does help.

  2. That little thread catcher is adorable!! I can see how that'd me motivating!
    I think as quilters we have to go with the flow. If the mojo isn't there, you can't force it.
    i'd tackle a small section of the sewing room to organize it, a little at a time!
    Good luck,

  3. That is such a darling thread catcher/ did a lovely job! Hurrah for the mojo...long may she ROAR!!! Go get em girl!

  4. I''m glad your mojo is coming back. I hope it stays!

  5. Sounds like you are reinspired........ Goodluck cleaning up..... Just look at small patches as you go......

  6. I can work in some chaos but things certainly go better in an organized and somewhat neat sewing room. I recently did a clean up and trying not to let it get so out of hand again.

  7. Gorgeous thread catcher - good luck with the tidy up - the larger the space the more mess you make I find! Sometimes I am very grateful for my tiny sewing space. xx

  8. I hope you weren't depressed and were doing something more pressing at the time. Glad you are getting your sewing mojo back. Take your time organizing your studio and making fun stuff. (I personally wouldn't spend hours cleaning it up as that would make me more frustrated - I'd do a little at a time).

  9. So glad you're getting the mojo back! I'm stuck in the same place - maybe I need to make one of those thread-catchers...

  10. I think we all go through this from time to time. I am glad you are finding your way back. Take one day at a time, one scrap at a time:)

  11. Ta petite poubelle à fils est adorable ! Et quel travail dessus ! Wow !
    Tu es pardonnée Chantal ! :)))
    PS : je n'ai rien à dire...ça faisait presque un mois que je n'avais pas posté !

  12. sometimes we just need a little nudge to get things going again.... good to hear you are on the up....

  13. Welcome back!! I think you might just have knocked off your Scrap Attack goal. Looks like it to me, anyway!

  14. I am sorry I am not able to comment back via email, due the blogger snafu, but I just want you to know I appreciate your kind comment!!

  15. Well, that is a sad state of affairs indeed. I try very hard to pick up after every work session so things don't get out of control. I have drawers, bins and boxes to keep everything tidied up. My latest organizational tool is clean, unused pizza boxes, found them on Amazon. They're compact, and they stack neatly.And I love your little thread catcher!

  16. Well, I'm glad you're back. I do believe it happens to all of us from time to time. It will be even more fun after the "break" you've had. (Getting together with quilty friends is a good remedy for just about anything!)


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