Thursday, 7 June 2018

Wednesday Sewing Club

On the first Wednesday of the month I get to sew with a lovely group of ladies. I did took some pictures this time and want to share them with you. Here goes.

At the front, Monique is working on her Pineapple quilt. Lovely civil war blues she has in there. Then, my working station and at the far end you see the back of Carole. We have plenty of room.

Michelle, who has her own quilting business and teaches sewing classes, showed us her finished interpretation of a mystery quilt. Well, except for the binding as this was her project for the day. Bindings, bindings and more bindings.
Claire is at the pressing station, Carole still has her back to us, then comes Michelle talking to Francine with Françoise, then Monique, Yolande (practically invisible here) and Anne.

This is the mystery quilt in question. Awesome, right?

The back is just as beautiful.

Here is Michelle with Anne at the pressing station.
Look at the fabulous New York Beauty Anne was working on. The talent of this girl.

Hey, finally Carole is facing the camera. Quick! Take a picture. She's holding her first finished Skateboard block.
Great job, Carole.

I took a picture of the cutting station with Lucie hard at work but it is too fuzzy to show. Sorry, Lucie.

Anne brought a top that Michelle will quilt on her longarm machine. The top is full of tulips.
I find it so cheerful and summer fresh. Love it, even though I am not a flower girl. Anne had pieced the back with the leftover fabric and it is just as cheerful.

Awesome job, Anne.

Here's another quilt that Michelle had to bind. I didn't took a picture of the third one and the two table runners.

This is what Claire was working on. Well, this one was already finished. She brought it so we could understand what she was doing. It's a ribbon quilt.

It's a baby quilt with 4 or 5 inches blocks (I can't remember which). Between each row, or more like on each row seams, she zigzags a ribbon. When every thing is done, she zigzags a ribbon on the vertical seams. Hopefully you can see it better in the next picture.
click to enlarge
The one she was working on was all purple fabric and the ribbons was one color only so she didn't have to change the thread color every time. Isn't it a cool idea, though? It was awesome in person but too demanding for this little girl to give it a try. Wonderful work, Claire.

And what have I done, you ask. I worked with flannel and did 6 square blocks and 10 star blocks.

But I brought back home a whole lot more than just that. My head is full of tips and tricks and inspiration too. I asked Michelle how to finish a hexagon quilt and now I know. You just might see the Quilt of the Century on this blog in a near future. Fingers crossed.

Like most of you, I can't reply to comments anymore. But I will read them diligently as I love, love, love hearing from you. So don't be shy and say Hi!


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  1. What a wonderful collection of work - your group are very talented. xx

  2. I'm glad you have such a wonderful group to play with!
    Fingers crossed for the hexagons! Won't you be happy to get that one finished!

  3. Thanks for sharing all the fun work you ladies are doing. I see a New York Beauty on the table too.

  4. So many pretty quilts. I love NYB. and that black and white quilt! Great stuff!

  5. I am so happy that your sewing mojo is coming back. Lovely projects and it looks like so much fun at your sewing group.

  6. What fun to sew with friends like that! I love your star blocks!

  7. Replies
    1. Comment on your posts and click on the follow up button. You’ll get emails then

  8. Looks very enjoyable to have sewn with friends. I always found that, for myself, I got more done sewing at home than in a group situation. But, oh the comradmanship (is that a word?).

  9. So lovely to see what everyone is working on..... and always so inspirational. It always amazes me how much different things there is in our choice of craft....

  10. Ah, ces journées là sont merveilleuses ! Remplies de découvertes, de papotages, de fous rires et d'amitié ! Je te souhaite d'en avoir plein d'autres !!

  11. It is always fun to see quilters in action working away. It looks like your group has a great space to sew in.

    Thanks for linking up with OH Scrap!

  12. Thanks for sharing your quilt group's progress!!


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