Saturday, 25 December 2021

Family Gathering and Quilting

A simple little post for those who are alone and wish to see some quilty stuff and some fabrics. Like Rebecca, it will be just us with the boys today. A simple family gathering to enjoy. 

In my previous post, I mentioned a bag of cream, grey, and poinsettias print triangles that I sewed and trimmed. They grew into little HSTs and I played with them until I was happy with the layout. 

It was fun playing with these little Broken Dish blocks at 2.5 inches. 

I should have taken more pictures as I was constructing this one. The gold fabric is not cotton and was ... (let me find a nice word) ... umm ... "unpleasant" to cut and sew. It was just a little piece that was given to me and I really liked it but not anymore! I thought it would bring out the gold highlights in the poinsettias fabric. I should have made that border slimmer but it doesn't bother me enough to change it. 

Let's try another picture to capture its real colour. 

Somewhat better. 
The last border is also a given fabric so nothing in this little mat (12.75 X 10.5) is from my stash but all were saved from the trash. The backing will be as the border fabric. It will go to the quilting pile which I need to do something with. 

While sewing the mat, I made 9-Patch blocks as my leader-ender. Here they are in order of completion. As I took the picture I realized that I am easy to influence. The more I worked on the mat, the more I picked the same colours. 

Stars in Blue is at the ready for quilting but I am not. I need to practice before I tackle that one. I feel rusty. I will practice on a placemat or something before I do anything on this one. Hopefully, a practice session or two will happen this weekend. 

Hope you enjoy this day any which way you can. Be it with family, friends, or fabric. 


Joining Angela at So Scrappy 


  1. Such a pretty little quilt, very Christmassy. I always do some practice quilting too before I start on a quilt. I hope you will have a finish soon!

  2. I love those little broken dishes!

  3. A great use of tiny triangles. There are many if those residing at my house too. My goal in 2022 is to dig into that bucket and use some up!
    Happy Day to you too!

  4. What a beautiful little mat, Chantal!! Nice job with those leader/ender squares, too. Happy quilting!

  5. Great little mat and I'm always happy to read about how quilting decisions get made. I have such a hard time with those aspects of the process myself. A quiet but very enjoyable day here in my little corner.

  6. You always do amazing things with tiny triangles! I'm sorry the gold gave you fits, though - it does look good as a small border there. A small finish like that can be really enjoyable! Merry Christmas!

  7. Happy Christmas Chantal. Your little mat is delightful, good to make something for free! xx

  8. Your mat is gorgeous! Totally worth wrestling with that gold fabric!

  9. A charming placemat and a great way to use up little scraps. I love the border fabric. Quiet ruled Christmas here as well.

  10. You made a beautiful placemate using all those tiny HTS.
    Happy Holidays!

  11. great job turning all those tiny bits into something useful. Trash into treasure!

    Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  12. The tiny broken dishes blend beautifully with thar border fabric. Even though the gold fabric was a bear to work with, it makes a lovely stop border - think of it as the worn golden rim on fine old China!

  13. We also had a quiet Christmas at home.... lots of phone calls from family. love your little bits that you magically turn into something pretty and looking forward to seeing your magnificent blue stars done.... you are downtalking yourself!!! go for it my friend

  14. Your blue stars are gorgeous, I may have to steal that idea ! I've been wanting to do an Ohio Star quilt for a while. Enjoy the rest of your holiday season, from a fellow Canadian (London, ON)

  15. Good on you to save some fabric from the landfill! I like your little project and totally understand about working with a non cotton fabric in the border. You tried it and now you can remove it from your stash!


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