Sunday, 19 December 2021

Bring On 2022!

Edited: If you are looking for the RSC with Angela, it is about halfway down the page. Thanks. ;^)
Hello again. It's me. I'm coming out of my shell a little more every day and I'll try this posting business one more time.

(So blogger is still having fun with some stupid changes, I see. I'll try to fix that when my head's in a different shape.) 

I haven't done a lot of sewing, to the point that the machine is gathering dust. My! Do I remember how it works? I fed it a few pieces and it went well.

These were eventually made.

Yep, that's the same sewing machine block from my last post. Nothing in the sewing room has moved since then.
November is always a difficult month for me. This year, it started before November even came. Then, very unexpectedly, my father-in-law passed away. We were shocked, numbed, lived on auto-pilot for the rest of the month. I miss him so much. My husband grabbed his old coat to do outside work here. Every time I see him with the coat my soul cries a little. Hubby probably finds comfort in wearing his father's coat so I keep my peace. We all grieve in different ways.

Back to sewing. In October (or about) I found a bag of triangles and started to sew them together. Now I trimmed them down to 1.5 inches and played with them a little.

Like most of you, I am thinking of RSC2022. There are so many lovely inspirations out there that I don't know what I want. Actually, yes I do know; I want them all. ๐Ÿ˜„ I'll try to be reasonable and respect my limits. My energy level is very low lately.

One thing I am sure of is my Personal Rainbow UFO Challenge. I loved it so much that I want to do it again next year.

What is the Personal Rainbow UFO Challenge?
It's very simple. Just tag one of your UFO quilts or projects to a colour. When Angela calls the colour of the month, you have to work on that UFO. You don't HAVE to finish it, but working on it, and bringing it forward is the name of this game. (Bonus point if you do finish it.) Care to join?

Here's my list in no particular order. (Some are repeats from last year as the project didn't get finished.)

Purple - Framed 9-Patch (2016) (same)
Red - Start a new project - new (well, we all need a perk every now and then, right?)
Orange - Hole in the Barn Door (RSC2016) (same)
Yellow - Buttons and Spools (RSC2020) (same)
Green - Field of Poppies (2020) (same)
Bleu - Crumb Quilt for DS3 (2017) flannel - new
Pink - Westering Woman (2016) new

I might switch some for HST quilt #1, Ohio Star Shadow, Expect Some Flurries, etc. 

The next ones are in case Angela calls a darker shade of a colour.
Dark Blue or Aqua - ???
Dark Green - Tricked Me (2013) (same)
Multicoloured - Getting Better (2013) (same)
Black, grey, or neutrals - Shoreline (2016) (same)

Obviously, I still have some thinking to do on that list. 

I would also like to do a BOM that was gifted to me. We'll see how the months go before I sign this one in. 


I want to take a few minutes to wish you all the very best for the Holidays and the New Year. One thing that is certain is that nothing is certain, so live your life now. Don't wait. Don't let Covid or what's his face distract you from enjoying what you do and being happy. (Looks who's talking? Haha.) 
Anywho! I do think of you all and I hope to "see" you all again in Blogland next year. 

Take care. 
Love always. ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿงก


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your father-in-law, Chantal. My mother-in-law passed away in November also, so we have been going through that grief process here, too. These special people will be so missed. I think anytime you can feed a few pieces of fabric through your machine, it's a good thing, and I do like your idea to match some UFOs to the RSC color of the month. I think I'll join you in that!

  2. It's always so hard when we lose a member of the past generations, it's like a big part of our heritage has disappeared. It's true we all grieve our loss in different ways and that coat probably brings your husband more comfort and a feeling of closeness than we can comprehend.

  3. So sorry to hear of your loss--no darn wonder you didn't feel like posting or sewing. Grief takes its own time for all of us...
    I like your UFO idea--matching it with RSC is a super idea--( may even get a month off if you don't have anything in that color!! hahaha)...MERRY CHRISTMAS
    Hugs, Julierose

  4. Hi, Chantal! I'm so glad you're back, but I am very sorry about the loss of your father-in-law. You're right, we need to live our lives now no matter what is happening. I love the Personal Rainbow UFO Challenge--I'm in! I just have to figure out which UFOs to tag. Wishing the best for you in the new year.

  5. Welcome back to blogging. Perhaps we can help with the grief by reading and commenting. Grief is different for each person. I hope you can push some more fabric under the sewing machine. Even one seam a week would be a good start to getting back to more sewing/quiting. Clever idea about UFO and colors. Good luck with that.

  6. I'm skipping Christmas this year as my husband died suddenly in mid-October. I fully understand how your life has been disrupted and how hard it is to get back to anything approaching normal. Add the Covid surge and the gray, cold winter weather and one just wants to curl up in a ball and hide. Your Personal Rainbow Scrap Challenge is an inspiring way to tackle two goals. Wishing you well.

  7. A big hug coming your way.... be kind to yourself is all I can suggest.
    I love your lists... plan to work on UFO's and the second thing is a new project!! now that's my kind of thinking!! Most years I list up all my UFO's - but I didn't last year - maybe I will be enthused again this year. I hope to not get too sidetracked.

  8. Sorry for your loss. As you say grief is different for each person.
    Glad you are sewing a little and looks like you have your plans set for 2022.

  9. Sending big hugs your way! One day at a time and one seam at a time...

  10. sorry to hear of the loss of your FIL............
    hope Christmas was a best it could be......see you in 2022.......

  11. Sew glad that you are making the Rainbow Scrap Challenge work for you. Quilting energy ebbs and flows, hopefully one of the projects on your list will spark joy at some point and help you find your groove again.

  12. Sending condolences on your loss, it's very hard isnt it, especially when it happens unexpectantly. I lost my sister four months ago, so I completely understand. Best of luck in your RSC plans, just do the best you can. I still have several from 2021 to finish up, and horrors, think there may well be a project lurking around from 2020 too!

  13. I'm so sorry for your loss. I love your idea for the RSC challenge. This is a no pressure challenge so go with how you are feeling. Fabric is very patient and does wait for us. Big quilty hugs being sent your way.

  14. LOVE that you are continuing your Personal Rainbow Challenge in 2022, Chantal!! It's a fun interpretation of Angela's event. I enjoyed incorporating UFOs into my RSC plan a few years ago. Happy finishing!

  15. Holidays are hard enough for a lot of us even without a loss like the one you've just experienced. I'm so sorry. I hope you find some solace in your quilting.


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