Sunday, 9 February 2014

Here goes...

my first entry into the wonderful world of Blogland. 
Like so many other quilters out there, I read many blogs and tonight, I decided to take the plunge.  I am not one to make a BIG splash but I would like to join in on the adventure and fun so many of you seem to have blogging. I too love to sew and quilt.  So I will share my ideas, my inspirations, my disappointments and my triumphs. 
I will ask for your patience as I goof off learn how to blog and this may take a while LOL.  Next post, I will try to have a picture accompanying the text.
Until next time...

Smile; it looks good on you ;-)



  1. C'est déjà un premier pas :)
    Bienvenue in Blogland !

  2. It is so much fun! I look forward to reading your next post!!

  3. Good to have you in blogland! Like you, I receive so much inspiration from the folks online ~

  4. Yeah! another hexie lover in blogland!


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