Monday, 17 February 2014

May I introduce you to ...

my sewing room! It's a woman cave, a haven of solitude, a glorious place where I spend all my days concocting beautiful, GOOOORgeous projects ... uhh ... no, that was a dream. It was actually a family room so it is huge for a sewing room but it got too small for this family as a family room. I do love spending time in here. It is my hideout from the house chores sanctuary after a long day. It is kind of "too clean" you might say and I agree.  It doesn't always look like this but since the house is for sale, I have no "room to expand the fabric of my imagination" but plenty of elbow room!  Let me show you around.
First my sewing desk. LOL like literally a (old office) desk but hey! it works! I sew and pay bills and file all at the same time. The pile of fabric on the floor along with the blue baskets on the left are perpetually sitting there.  It is a Leader/Ender project. (I will show you later).  The mini quilt is Abundance from Lori's (Humble Quilts ) quilt along from about a year ago or so. Thanks Lori. 

Under the first window is my cutting ... dresser. This picture has been somewhat staged, otherwise, you would see only the back of the dresser standing in the middle of the place because that's where the best light is.  When it is too close to the window (like in the picture) there is a glare on the ruler and I can't read the measurement. LOL. The dresser is also used as a fabric storage. Beside my old rocking chair that have rocked all my boys is  ....   ....   ..... I can't upload more pictures...>:(  !! WHAAAAAT!!!
What am I doing wrong?  Arrrghhh, still so much to learn!  (ok, take a deep breath, close the computer and start again). 
Ta DA!!! (I do need a new computer!)

Under the second window is where I quilt .... hand quilt my quilts!  This gorgeous frame was made by my DH.  (Yes, he IS a keeper!)  At the moment there is nothing on it but a bunch of WIPs so I drapped a flimsy/UFO on top. LOL The bins underneath are full of ... fabrics! House for sale: agent said declutter please.  So I removed the shelves and put things in bins.  It is not very practical because every time I want a fabric I have to empty a bin. Two of these are flannel.  Yes, I love flannel quilts! The third one is the blue fabric. Let's try another picture, shall we?

Ok! This is the old computer desk with more bins, (thanks to the sale agent). Red fabric, brown fabric, green fabric, well you get the picture. Candles, coffee mug and sewing basket near by for when the computer is too slow and a TV set that is very rarely turned on. (I am a radio girl.) My walls are bare, (thanks to the sale agent) patched and ready for a new coat of paint (which will probably be white).
So this is it. You now know a little bit about me and the kind of dungeon  paradise I work in. Even though it is in the basement, it is very bright because it is facing south.  Kidding aside, I truly love this place and will miss it big time once we are gone. What are the odds that I get a new place with such a spacious sewing room?  Not twice in a life time, I presume. (Oh oh the kitchen is ringing:  muffins are ready!) Got to go. Next time I will show you what I am stitching (or frog stitching) in here.  Until then, don't forget to wear a smile 'cause it looks good on you!!  ♫♪♪



  1. Looks like a great quilter cave to me, LOL! I have the kitchen table...someday, a sewing room for me!!

  2. Do you hand quilt all your quilts? It looks like a beautiful frame!

  3. Cute! I have a small bedroom,. but it's mine to sew and create!!

  4. lovely to have a special space for creating.... love that quilt you are working on and wellcome to blogland....


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