Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Ding dong! It's the postman!

A few weeks back, Julie at Julie K Quilts wanted to swap a few books for a few fabrics. She asked who is interested in this book? So I raised my hand. And now it's here!  It's here!! Yeah Me! 

The book is called "Everyday Embellishments" by M'Liss Rae Hawley.  The quilt that graces the cover page is so beautiful with textured pumkins and 3D sunflowers. I did a 3D bowtie quilt once (will show you that someday) but never did anything like the amazing things in this book. This will really be a skill builder for me. Inside, one of the quilt is called "Victorian Fans" (like in Grandmother's Fans).  I've never sewn curves before but when you have a pattern to teach you, where's the limit?  I can do anything. Right? Yeah!! 
I also got a pattern by Petitequilts called Peppermint Lane. It is ♫Scraaappy♪ and I looooove it. Oh my! I got to finish my In-laws' quilt so I can start on something new. Three more added to the do-to list.
Thank you so much Julie.  You're sew sweet! ♥♥♥

Until next time ...      Smile!    ;^)


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