Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Adding border ... borders?

Is it still Wednesday evening?  Am I too late to do a WIP Wednesday post?  I did manage to do a little bit of sewing today; sewing borders on  Blooming Stars.

After this skinny blue border, I would like to add a white one.  How do you determine how wide the border should be? I usually decide what I will quilt in the border so I cut it big enough for the pattern.  But this quilt,  someone else will do the quilting so how to decide the width of the last border? It is my first time with a long arm quilter and I think I am overthinking this. Or am I? What if she suggests a pattern that I love more (than the one I had in mind) and the border is not wide enough?  How do you do it?

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  1. With the digitized quilting patterns many long armrest use, I'm sure that can make most any designs you like work. I like odd numbers, like...5,7,9" but it's hard to see when not in person. It will be a lovely quilt!

  2. Hello ... I just wandered onto you blog via another blog.

    This is very pretty! I read back through your blog for more pictures.

    I have never sent a quilt out for quilting although I have quilted my own on a rented longarm at my LQS. From what I have observed there, they determine the quilting by the quilt itself.

    I would say you should add the borders so the quilt top looks the way you want it to and then the quilter will go from there.

    Someone once explained to me that a good rule of thumb when adding borders is to keep them "proportional." So if inner border is for example, 2" finished that the outer border should be 4" or 8" or a multiple of 2.

    Looking forward to seeing this when it is finished ... :) Pat

  3. Lovely quilt though I am not experienced enough to answer about the borders ...


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