Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Down Scrap Road

If you walk down to 2006 Scrap Road, you will see a scrappy 3D Bowtie I did for my DS1 awhile back, (in 2006).  It's called "X n O's"  because it couldn't be called Hugs and Kisses.  (Apparently, you can't say that to a teenager.  Well, at least to no boys of mine. I was told LOL. )
(I apologize for the sideway picture.  Does someone know how to rectify this? I would like to know, ty.)
It is all flannel, top, middle and back.  He was always cold back then and wanted something "very, VEEEERRRY warm".  So I did it VEEEERRRY warm ... and heavy! It's a collection of severals remnants from the boys' pajamas except for the sashing and the back which were bought. It also sports a pink block to represent Mom.

From this angle you can see that some bowties are 3D and some aren't. I hand quilted it with all kinds of fun design.

Some tools for the trucks and cars block ...

some bugs all around the spider web block and a huge spider in the middle of course...

Uncle B's sailboat and so on.   

Here's one for the cat lovers out there. It is almost 8 years old and it is already faded and has some 3D bowtie damaged but that's ok with me. It tells me how much he loves it ... still. 

Hope you've enjoy the walk down Scrap Road.
Until next time .... 

 ;^)  Smile ... someone might be looking.

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Christseilh said...

Original, Jaime beaucoup ce motif et tous ces tissus colores que tu as pu reutiliser.