Friday, 18 July 2014

Friday Finish

... well finished a flimsy.  Let's say the crumb quilt's first phase is done. This is "Flannel Scrap Booking" for DS1.  It is not scrap booking with pictures but for him, it represent his past as clearly as some photos. He will get two quilts on his birthday: one from the past and one for the future. One will reign on his bed (I hope) and the other one will hug him when he is cold, sick, tired or just relaxing on the couch! (I hope). ♥He says he is not leaving home anytime soon♥ but I feel differently. (I hope I am wrong). Anywho, here it is:

I will machine quilt this one (my first one by machine).  I believe I have the backing already for it too. So, this weekend I will iron it good and basted it.  Which is best for machine quilting : baste with pins or thread? I know it depends on the person's preferences but I would like to know which one you recommend.

So now, can I start a new quilt? Ha! ha! ha! NOT! Even though I did receive my latest purchase yesterday, (The best of Fons & Porter Star quilts and some fabric) I canNOT start a new quilt NOW. I have to concentrate on DS2's birthday which is today but we will celebrate tomorrow. ♥Mister 18 years old♥ wants brownies as his birthday cake! Homemade brownies that is!  Well, of course, he will get it.   I will make the sacrifice and gain a few pounds just to please him LOL. The things mothers do!!

Until next time ... SM ;^) LE ... even crooked, it's still beautiful!


  1. I love the quilt.... and two quilts, one to reign and one to hug sounds just perfect..... I do feel for you having to make that sacrifice of brownies... very tough!!!!
    I use pins when basting..

  2. Use pins when machine quilting, unless you are only stitching in the ditch. If you thread basted and your quilting is dense, you will have problems removing the basting thread. One layer of your thread may tear off and it is not always the basting thread. Good luck. I really love the blue border.

  3. your quilt is wonderful, but the greatest pleasure for me, was how your love for your sons shone through between your words.

  4. Thread basting a machined quilt can allow those threads to get in the way of your stitches... I like pin basting for hand quilting (my preference) but I think it would almost be necessary when machine quilting... Your flimsy is wonderful! Love the border too... love your posing of it as well! Congrats and happy machining this flimsy! Will look forward to your finish :) Kathi

  5. What a great quilt top! I am eager to see it quilted! Happy birthday to your son... I as well love homemade brownies!!

  6. This is a wonderful quilt! I know he will love it.

  7. Beautiful top, enjoy quilting it.
    Hope the birthday was a good one, I'm sure the brownies were enjoyed!


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