Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sunday, Sunday

You'd think, after being away from the keyboard for so long, I would have something accomplished and lots of pictures ... nope! Sorry! Life got in the way and not much was done... quilting wise that is.

There is construction all over the city and I think I'm starting to have enough because I don't even feel like building some hexies diamond :(

I am still working on the dark green and have the next green in line ready to go but I don't feel lik...

What? Wait! That's not right.

It needs a light row in between the two greens.  Oh boy!  I'll blame the weather for that.  It is still in the 3H again today (hot, humid and hazy) and it makes me feel sluggish.

Maybe I need a break from this project ... maybe I need a new project.  \:^D   Oh! that's really a spirit lifter!!

Today, I will add a few stitches on Take 21 because it is set up in the basement where it is nice and cool. Hope you can stay cool too and join us at Kathy's place. You might also want to check out Audrey's place for hexies projects. She is replacing Angie as the host of the hexi weekend. You can find plenty of inspiration for new projects on these sites.

Until next time ... SMiLE ...  it looks cool!


  1. I find taking vacations from projects does help. My hexie quilt hasn't been touched since last winter. It might be cause I need to make a design decision and I just am not in the mood right now.

  2. We definitely need vacations sometimes... even from projects we love!
    And it's more relaxing to stitch where it's cool!

  3. Your hexies diamonds look wonderful! This is a project that needs breaks... I don't expect to finish mine in a close future either!

  4. Working on Take 21 in your cool basement sounds like a great idea given 3H conditions, but the hexie project is really neat too!

  5. Ah yes, a change of project is often a good way to have a break..... it's hard to feel inspired in 3H weather!

  6. I think taking a break is a good idea. Enjoy your stitching on Take 21

  7. Sometimes you just have a project aside for a little while to get your enthusiasm for it back. My crafting room is in my cool basement also, but I also have AC so the 3H weather usually is not an issue. I love Take 21.

  8. Love both your projects and, yes, it is good to have a break. Mine usually involves starting a new project though. Have a good week and ignore the building. xx

  9. Variation helps a lot. Think I have at least six different hexie projects going on. Your hexies are so pretty, but it takes time, for sure.

  10. it is hot, humid and muggy here as well...I like variety as well, it keeps me from getting so bored with a project that I put it down permanently...I have six different hand projects in my slow works in progress pile...this way they each get a little bit done and move along...


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