Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Monday's Options on Wednesday night!

(I know I am late ...My Internet is acting up or is it Blogger?)

Anyway, on Sunday, I've cleaned up the sewing room and ran the vacuum.  I've put everything away. EVERYTHING!!! After a stressful morning, a clean slate is what the doctor called for. All those fabrics around me were screaming to be use in this project or that project, others were reminding me that I have promised to do this quilt and that quilt and ... oh my! shut the front door! (Paste a deep slow relaxing sigh HERE.)


When things calmed down, I was able to accomplish a few things. Lots of baking for the boys and laundry too but I'll skip talking about that since it is so boooooring! In the sewing room, I did manage to stir a quilt in the right direction...I think.

Previously, I have made these blocks

They are scrappy and pretty bright.  Then I did the Spool blocks which used up the beige scraps and it gives them an "older" look, if you know what I mean. 

When I put the two together, it looked like a "whatever's left in the fridge" kind of stew. I didn't like it. So I tried to do some blocks with more beige and the spools with more whites. Like this. 

I think I am getting somewhere...

... but I 'm not there yet. 

So that was my Monday. Tuesday just vanished.  Pouff!!  And now it's Wednesday!  This evening, I will sew borders on the crumb quilt. Hope you too can find your inner peace and piece some fabric together. :)

Until next time ... SMiLE ... and be awesome!


  1. Love your blog... and your style! Love your quote on this blog post for sure.. you are awesome too! Love your blocks you are making... I will be making some similar on a project I am now working on... nice to see them done scrappy like I am doing mine! Have a blessed week! And keep up that great stitching when you have time! Thanks for blogging it :) Kathi

  2. Sometimes a good clean up just stirs up the creative spirit...I sure enjoy seeing your pretty projects!

  3. sometiems all we need is an uncluttered space to get our mind in order... I like how that quiklt is coming along...


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