Saturday, 18 October 2014

Friday Finish

Just a quick post to show you my finishes.  (Yes, I know it is Saturday morning but I was too tired last night. :(   Sorry.)

"Specks of colours" (an old leader/ender project) is finished in red bindings. All machine quilted. I had fun doing this one. It still has a few threads that need to be tucked in. It finishes at 68 X 51.


Fall table runner is also finished. Also machine quilted in the ditch, I used the same brown fabric from the blocks to bind it. I love the back and would like to use it on that side too so I am hesitant to add a label.  Maybe later. (yeah, we all know what THAT means right? ) Since I always do my bindings by hand, I did a lot of hand sewing during the evenings this past week.

Ok enough of Friday! Onto Saturday now ... :) I would like to finish one or two more projects before I start something new but I am really itching for some new stitching. AAaaaarrrrrggghhhh!  All the beautiful fabric I've bought while visiting my friend haven't been cut up yet, believe it or not!!

Hope you enjoy some fabric fondling today.


EDITED : I am linking to Nicky's Scraptastic Tuesday


  1. Specks of Colour is wonderful! It's amazing how all those little bits add up and all work together. I love that you even used little bits to frame the blocks and for cornerstones. Nice runner too.

  2. I love your specks of colour quilt. I've been thinking I should start doing a leader and ender project but wasn't sure what I would want to do. This is a really nice one. So it's giving me ideas. congratulations on finishing your fall runner as well.

  3. I love both those projects.... I think a new project is perfectly reasonable.... no true artist does them all before startign new ones...

  4. I really like your leader and enders quilt! Are they 1-inch squares? Lots of work in that quilt! I like the movement in your fall runner too, don't know if I've seen that pattern before. Starting new projects is my favorite thing to do, that's why I have so many ufo's, lol.

  5. J'aime énormément le scrappy Specks, très réussi, bravo.

  6. Ooh! i am loving that fall table runner! and your quilt is amazing!!

  7. Love the specks of colors quilt. The sashings are very nice.

  8. Fab finishes! Love Specks of Colour! And so happy to see your Trellis runner here! Thank you for trying out that pattern. Wonderful project to link up with Scraptastic Tuesday!


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