Sunday, 5 October 2014

Fun, Fun Sun Day!

I had a lot of fun today. I hand washed 49 fat quarters. Yes I did write 49. No typo! I met with a girlfriend of mine yesterday.  We haven't seen each other in ... oh boy 10 - 12 years? Sounds about right. Anyway, we spend the day together and since we are both fabric addict, she showed me the LQS in her town. I was floored. Amazing!!  Just to give you an idea, here in Ottawa, fat quarters go for $4.50 - $4.99.  Yesterday I paid $1.00 at her LQS! That's it. I almost left with the entire baskets. And such beautiful fabric too. Have a look.

(Sorry I took the pictures before I wash them.  The camera decided not to download the pictures.  After many trials, I took a break from cursing at the darn thing and started to wash the FQs.)

Of course, I bought some fabric by the meter too.

This beautiful pumpkin fabric will be the backing of my fall table runner.  I did have a fabric for it but I much prefer this new one. :D

Then I got some flannel FQs. Oooh only a few of these.  And one panel which I forgot to get a picture.  I also bought a few patterns, buttons and threads. 

It was so nice seeing her again.  We so talked and talked and talked and talked. It was like we had seen each other a month ago. We picked up right where we had left. Amazing friendship. Oh I so cherish her. And her generous heart. She gave me so much from her stash. Oh my! I'm so blessed. My cup is overflowing with gratitude.  She lives a hour and a half from me so I can't go every weekend but I will go back before Christmas hopefully.

Now I am completely pooped out. All the fabric is washed and most of it has been ironed. Regular laundry and house cleaning are done too. Tonight, I feel my age. lol

So I will sit and add a few miles of thread on "Take 21" while thinking about all the things we two girls talked about and what I forgot to tell her.  It will finish my wonderful weekend so beautifully. Oh and why not? Let's add a glass of wine to the picture. :D

I am joining Kathy for a Slow Sunday Stitching.  Hope you too have enjoyed this weekend and found a few minutes to play with some fabric.  ;^)



  1. Beautiful fabrics you got.. can't wait to see what you do with them all.. hope you can get a mile or two in as wel! lol Kathi

  2. Wow, what fine additions to your stash! Friends like that, that you see seldom but still pick up right where you were the last time, are very precious. I have one like that, but she doesn't have a stash. :) (Love her anyway!) I really like the colours in your Take 21. Enjoy the wine and stitching tonight.

  3. It is so exciting when we can feed our addiction...I mean hobby inexpensively.Great fabrics!

  4. What gorgeous fabrics....and washing/ironing them is the perfect excuse to fondle them! ;)

  5. Wow - fantastic stash enhancement! So nice to reconnect with really good friends. If you plan to visit with her on a regular basis and visit her LQS you better save up some cash ahead of time. ;)

  6. WOW! Now I was trying to pick a favorite..hard to do but I did love the shot with the lavender-purples, yellows and greenish-yellow ones.

    SO much eye candy :)

  7. How lucky to find such fabrics at such good price!

  8. I like your new selection of reds! Very pretty, and such a steal! Lovely colors in your "Take 21" as well. A weekend that ends with stitching is the best kind. :)

  9. What a great deal you got!
    Enjoy your hand stitching while you contemplate the sweet purchases!

  10. Its so wonderful when you catch up with a friend and yoiu just carry on like time has stood still... wonderful fabrics to play with... will keep you busy for a while...


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