Monday, 23 March 2015

Design Wall Monday

Already a week since my last post. Oh MY! I can't keep up lately! Well, let me bring you up to date right now.

Still working on the same quilt. Well, maybe working is a BIG word here, but I can honestly say I've been playing with the settings. I hope you are not fed up of looking at this quilt because you're about to see a lot more pictures of it :))

I sew together all the Broken Dish (BD) blocks for the bottom outer border and ... it's not wide enough. It doesn't leave me enough room for a decent inner border on the sides. So... I have to find a way to make it wider.

I thought of this ...
The border has 17 BD blocks so I can't put this in the middle because there is no middle!!   Then I came up with this ...
Like it is fragmented or something ... like ... YUCK!!

How about this then? Like an island in the middle of the border ... like ... sinking!! OK! OK !  back to the drawing board.

Look what my boys are working on. So cute with lawn mower, satellite dish and is that a barbecue behind the tree?  OK ! back to MY drawing board.

I have four little BD left to play with ... hmmmm ... you know ... I got ....

... nothing !! 

Oh! Wait ! How about ... 

FLUTE !! It's too small ... but it has potential ... Yeah!  If you will excuse me, I need to recalculate these measurements. Be back later. 

Until next time .... keep sewing. 


Linking to Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday.   ;^)  Hope to see you there. 
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  1. I sure like your quilt! Borders can be a drag. I always get frustrated with the math of figuring out what size of a plain border do I need to fit x" block. I get ready to throw sewing machines and irons! I hope you can figure this out before you wind up with no hair!

  2. You'll figure it out. Probably one of these days in the middle of the night! It's beautiful.

  3. Mais non, on en a pas marre de ton quilt !! ^^ ! Il va être très beau avec cette bordure qui te fait tant calculer !!
    Bon courage Chantal et gros bisous !!

  4. Nothing worse than getting stuck on something like this, but it's going to be very pretty once you get it figured out.

  5. Il VA être très beau, courage !!!

  6. This happened to me recently and I put a 1 inch spacer around the center (in white) and then everything fit. Your inner border doesn't have to be that big. Would make both your border and center pop. Thank you for linking to WIPs Be Gone!

  7. What if you put your border blocks on point? That would make it wider. The math might make you crazy though!


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