Monday, 2 March 2015

Just another block on the wall!

A new block?

-Yes, but I did NOT start a new project. Promise! :D

I am working on a pieced border for the no-name-block quilt. I think the broken dish block is like a miniature rendition of the bigger block ... a simplified smaller version but still, I find it mimics the bigger one. So I thought I would use it as the border. The fabric is paired with the same partner so the blocks are alike (except for a few where I ran out of fabric!!).

They are so much fun to make I already have 40 done. I make two of each. I think I want one row on each side and two rows at the top and at the bottom of the quilt, to make it longer. Between the quilt and the pieced border, there will be an inner border, just a neutral strip. I haven't picked out the fabric yet.

Look! Yellow! I have to make one block with this gorgeous polka-dot fabric for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge as March is " Yelllllllooooow Month!"  I like yellow! :)

And that's what's on my wall. Want to see more? Join us at Patchwork Times for more inspiration. (I will link up later this evening.  I am still in training today as it is my first "beginning of the month" at this job and there's a lot of reports to be printed from the previous month. So, fun things to learn! Yeah!)

Until next time.... ssssSMiLE  ... and show your warmth to the world!



  1. Hi Chantal! Your pieced border is looking great! You work fast!! :) x

  2. another gorgeous quilt on the way...

  3. Love that pieced border. Its been fun watching this quilt grow.

  4. Si tu attaques ma bordure, c'est que cela sent la fin de ton top !! Il va être super beau et très coloré !!
    Bravo :))))

  5. Excellent choice for the border! I can't wait to see this quilt when it's done.

  6. It is loads more fun when you uncover a block that you enjoy making. These are fun! Love your single yellow block! Your plans sound wonderful. Look forward to seeing more of it in the coming days.


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