Monday, 16 March 2015

Is it Monday ?

It's only Monday!!

I am so tired I feel like I am due for a weekend LOL! 

Days are going by so fast lately, like NASCAR fast!!  I'll try to pause it long enough to show you a few pictures. Here goes. 

I had a LOT of fun  this weekend working on setting these little broken dishes blocks around my latest quilt. I've changed the setting of these blocks so often, remember? 

Yes, you've guessed right. I took half a million pictures because I had so half a million ideas and too many blocks, or not enough, depending on the design/inspiration of the moment.

Am I settled?  Am I happy with this design ? Not sure. So it stayed that way overnight and the next morning, it was still looking pretty good to me so ...  I nailed it. 
Here it is (well, part of it) on my wall, sewn in a four patch group at the moment. I managed to finish two Double 9 patch blocks too. 

Oh but wait! I forgot to say... my wall is not on the same wall anymore. It was between my 1950 sewing machine Hélène and my computer. I didn't like it there. It was rubbing me of a lot of space, if that makes any kind of sense. 

So in between session of moving little Broken Dishes blocks, I moved the wall! 
It is now in front of the Janome's desk, near the window. I am happier with this arrangement .... for now lol.

I also found a few seconds to stop at a second hand store and I found this... 

Funny picture! It looks like it has only two legs, lol, but the ones on the side do touch the floor, I swear! I know it is NOT a real antique piece of furniture. Someone was smart enough to rescue some pieces from an antique dresser to make this little ... uhhh ... end table? ... coffee table? Whatever! To me, it's a new place to display some of my quilts. Can you see them, all nicely folded and snugly tucked in there?  Of course I can take some pictures to show you. What are quilters for? lol.

Linking to Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. See ya there. 

Until next time.... 

Enjoy !



  1. J'adore ce que tu nous présentes !! Ton top va être superbe !!
    Et la petite table...bah...tu vas bien lui trouver une utilité quelconque !! Mais elle trop mignonne !
    Bonne journée et gros bisous !

  2. Hello Chantal! Love how your quilt is shaping up... it is beautiful! :) x

  3. That pieced border is going to be perfect! Love it.

  4. I like the arrangement you have come up with - going to be super. xx

  5. You have been doing a lot of piecing! Great find to display some quilts!

  6. P.S. I wore the butterfly over the weekend at a retreat and got lots of complements on it! Thanks again.

  7. i loved watching the process or sorting how you want your quilt... great table too...


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