Friday, 3 April 2015

An older one

Since I don't have a lot of sewing time lately and since I had to wash this quilt, I thought I should take a few pictures and share them with you. Would you like that?   OK!

This one was done in 2006.   It is called "Fun Pics". I bet you can tell why!?
(Snow melting, yeah!!)
It is a framed novelty print block, like an "I Spy" quilt which I haven't heard of yet back then.
I ran out of the red fabric so I had to improvised with alternative colours. Doesn't it look like it was intentionally done that way ? The border has more colours (especially orange/rust) than red.

Quilted in circles by hand. I find my stitches big compared to the size I can do now lol.
You can see the quilting better in this picture.  The colours are faded a little bit as it is a moderately loved quilt, not at all like the Finding Nemo quilt.  I had to wash that one too and I was surprised it survived another trip in the washing machine lol.
A pink elephant on a young boy's quilt?  In 2006, he was 10 years old and yes I deliberately put a pink elephant on my boy's quilt. Even though I am not a girl who likes pink, I always put a little bit of pink in all my boys quilts. The reason? So they never forget that:  "No matter where life takes you, no matter what you've done (good or bad) you have a mother waiting for you to come back home with open arms."
M & M Peanuts and Chocolate!! It was the Happy Millennium M&M Party fabric. I still have a bit left of that one.
Oh! There's my UFO! ...  Uhhh! no, not my UFO but some UFOs.
And there's dinosaurs and frogs and all sort of boys' things.

Vintage cars and sports ... of course ! So many of the seams are not connecting properly in my humble beginnings. (There are still NOT always connecting lol.)

It is all cotton with an old flannel blanket as batting. The back is an old (uh... hmm) fabric from the 70's. It measures 60 X 69. That's it. That was Fun Pics 2006 done for my boy, Sweet 16. I hope you have enjoyed it.

Until next time ....



Christine B said...

Hello Chantal! What a cute quilt! Have a lovely Easter weekend! :) x

CecileD said...

Mais oui, on l'aime ton joli quilt !! Il est hyper varié en couleur et en ..personnages ? Lol !
Tu l'as fait avec amour pour ton fils, c'est ce qui compte !
Et merci de nous l'avoir montré !!
Bon weekend chocolaté ! Bisous

Fiona said...

It is so lovely and all that quilting... just gorgeous and special that it is being well loved and used...

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I just LOVE seeing a quilt that's been loved and used. I guarantee that your boy didn't inspect those seams or stitch sizes. ;-)

Dawn said...

It's very sweet! What a fun assortment of fabrics.

Kath said...

Isn't it lovely to be able to enjoy and look at our old quilts and see how far we've come with our skills.

Cheryll said...

I love this quilt... it has given me ideas THanK YoU.. xox