Sunday, 12 April 2015

Slow Stitching on a Slow Project

Remember the Quilt of the Century I am working on? .... well, I am still working on it! :)

I attached rows 25 and 26 since the last time I shared pictures with you which was ...

back in November or was that December ? 

So on to row 27 which is blue. So today I will either assemble some blue diamonds together or attach the diamonds to the quilt. 
So far, I have two done so eight more to go. :) 
Sitting out on the porch, in the glorious sunshine, it will be very hard not to enjoy this hour or so of slow stitching. Hope you will too. 

Linking up to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching with so many others talented people. 

Until next time .... 



  1. This is looking good. It's so colourful. We had a great sunny day today also.

  2. This quilt is so neat and well worth all the time you're spending on it. Love it!

  3. Hi Chantal! Your quilt is looking fabulous. I love the blue fabric you are using for your next row! How many rows will it have in total? I am not sure I would have the patience to make a quilt like this, so I really admire it! :) x

  4. Hello Chantal !
    Rang après rang, ton quilt se construit et promet d'être très beau !!
    Bravo pour ce travail ! ;)

  5. There's nothing quite like sitting outside in lovely weather doing some hand stitching - especially hexagons! I had hoped to be able to do that myself yesterday, but it was just too windy ... I was afraid that all my pieces would blow away. That quilt is really looking fabulous - definitely worth the time it's taking!

  6. Sounds like the perfect day to me! Hope you enjoyed your stitching in the sun!

  7. Beautiful work. I love the muted look of it.

  8. Gorgeous...I know how slowly those hexies can go together...but they're so satisfying in the end. LOVE your quilt.

  9. I should have signed my previous comment - Elaine Adair

  10. This is looking so good - slow work, but think how many hours of stitching this must represent.


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