Wednesday, 8 April 2015

What Have I Done During the Loooonnnggg Weekend?

I did some sandwiches ... lots of sandwiches ... and none for the boys lol.

But first, I did some bloopers! on the same border! What is wrong with me???
Last week, I decided to add a border of 6 inches and I wanted it in two different neutral fabric so 3 inches each, right? Easy, right? Oh Bother!!

Comes the weekend and all I could remember was 3 inches and two neutrals so I did this.
Two borders of 1.5 inches each!!! Thank Goodness I realized my mistake before I sew the LAST border on. Yes, I did the entire quilt except for the last side before I noticed it wasn't wide enough! You think living with an ADHD person is hard? Try being one.  :^{  No fun!
Anywho! I ripped the borders.
It won't go to waste. It's already all in the 9 patch quilt box. :^)
Cut some more fabric at 3 inches and started to add the borders, again.  Then came the outer border of little Broken Dish blocks.
Remember these? Okay so I sew the bottom one on and it's too wide. What? No, no I had made the math and I've checked it and ...  it's wrong. So what now? Make another corner block?  because I have already done this one too small and now it's too big so I can't change it again? Really? I remove the border and by that time Friday was gone and I had to go to bed.

Next morning, I looked at my Friday Night's mess and I decided to remove one pair of Broken Dish instead. Did manage to make a hole in the fabric and had to redo one block. Then sew the border back together and .... Hey! it fits!
♪♫Happy dance♫♪  
Did the other borders on the other side and yes, I remember to remove one pair of BD block BEFORE sewing it to the quilt. Oh, I am getting SOOOO smart lol. Before the afternoon was over, it was happily dancing in the wind.

Sue Garman's vintage block quilt is a flimsy!!  HOORAY! 

Yes I did find a better name for it but I'll keep it secret until it is all quilted. 

Look at all the lovely borders !! :D   It does look good in the sunshine ... or am I just happy to see sunshine? 

Anyway, like I said, I did sandwiches. 
Pinned the beast down. Oh! my knees are so sore today but I am so glad to see it done. 

And look who is sandwiched on the quilting frame! My Ohio Star quilt. No, Take 21 is not completely quilted yet, but since I had to remove it from the frame and couldn't stand seeing the frame empty any longer, I rolled this one onto it. You may notice that I have only 2.5 inches of batting at the bottom of the quilt and not 12 inches !! :-} Oh, I'm getting SOOOO smart! Seeing this one up might encourage me to finish Take 21. I have one and half row to quilt. 

Then I sandwiched this little bed rug I've done during Summer of 2013. I used up all the reds, pinks and purples from a jelly roll I had bought a while back. I added a few of my purples and reds. And now it is finally time to sandwich it. 
Or is it sandwiched? Do I really want to leave it like that without a border?
If I add a border to it, I'll have to change the backing because that's all I have of that fleece and it just fits so perfectly and it's red to boot. Okay, let me think about this one a little longer. 

But this one is sandwiched for sure.
It is Cascadia Doll Quilt from Lori at Humble Quilts who so graciously gave us the instructions in a fun Mystery Quilt-a-long. This one is coming with me on my retreat next month, in case I want to do a little hand sewing in the evening or what have you. Because I'm not gonna let go of such a good habit, of sewing before going to bed, just because I'm at a retreat right?  Just checking, lol. I chose a toile in very light gray for the backing of Cascadia. I love this piece of fabric and I don't have a lot but I don't mind cutting into it for this little quilt. :-)

So those are the sandwiches I did over the weekend. This week, when I have a little bit of sewing time, I will do this ...

And I hope you will too.

Until next time ...


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  1. Hooray is right! It's great! Love the color placement cute bed rug!

  2. Wow, that flimsie is spectacular - well worth the aggravation with the border. All your sandwiches are equally wonderful ... you do such wonderful work.

  3. Your flimsy and doll quilt are beautiful! I like the idea of a bed rug. :)

  4. Eurêka ! You did it !!
    Ton top est super beau dans le soleil LOLOL !! Je plaisante bien sûr ! Bravo Chantal !
    Car je sais que pour celui-là, tu aurais pu écrire un roman tellement il t'a fait réfléchir !! ;)
    Semaine de sandwich si j'ai bien compris...alors je te souhaite "bon courage" car c'est l'étape que je repousse le plus !
    Gros bisous !

  5. Wow! You were busy. Very impressive.

  6. You were certainly busy at the weekend. I love the sparkle in the vintage block quilt, and the borders are really the finishing touch. Beautiful!

  7. Wow Chantal! What an incredibly busy weekend you had! You worked really hard and the results are all stunning! Fabulous quilts! Just reading your post makes me want to go and lie down it is so busy! Enjoy a relaxing week!! :) x

  8. Superbe! Les bordures sont parfaites, malgré toutes les difficultés qu'elles t'ont données! J'aime bien tous les autres sandwichs aussi :)

  9. Everything looks amazing Chantal.

  10. Wow, mon genre de sandwichs. Très beau travail. J'adore le style "arc-en-ciel" que ça donne.

    Moi j'ai cousu une grosse partie de la fin de semaine, pour terminer tous les morceaux d'une courtepointe que je planifiais d'apporter à ma première retraite pour la piquer. Et une fois terminée, je me suis dit: je devrais lui ajouter une bordure pour l'agrandir un peu. Et évidemment, tissu commandé en ligne, donc je dois attendre 2 semaines avant de l'avoir. Et trouver autre chose pour occuper ma fin de semaine (partie facile). J'aurais "tellement" du y penser à l'avance...

  11. wow.... you have been busy... a great asssortment of beautiful quilts.... I love them all...

  12. Wow! That was quite a chore doing all that sandwiching. But, it sure feels good when it is done, doesn't it? I have a large top that needs sandwiching as well as a donation quilt, table runner and wall hanging. Ugh! How did I get that far behind? I don't do it on the floor any more. I found a good way to do it on one large table - even for a king size quilt. It was from a class on Craftsy by Cindy Needham. Maybe there is a free tutorial out there as well.


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