Saturday, 28 November 2015

Limes in November?

NO  sun shining

NO  birds singing

NO  children playing and laughing

NO  vember

Don't remember the entire poem nor who penned this one but I liked it.

Anywho! Angela from Soscrappy proposed "LIME" as November's colour. 

Lime in November? Really? When everything is so brown, foggy and gray?!! AND WHY NOT? It sure perked up my spirit to work with something so cheery. Thanks Angela. It is a great one for November.

Remember this picture of my citrus bundle purchase? Probably not as it was over a year ago. 

Well I finally cut those lime fabrics to make my RSC blocks and also used the leftover from "Take 21".

Now comes the challenge, back-breaking sore knees exercices, headache, fun of deciding the layout lol.

 Some HSTs made for the border

 and so many more to make still!

Some fabric I ran out so no HSTs from them. Too bad. 

Now this being said, I don't think I will finish this quilt before December 31st. Meaning it's another UFO!! 

I had promised myself to work on my UFO list to bring it down to a "reasonable" size before starting something new. I guess I missed the point lol. Soooo, does this mean I won't participate in the RSC 2016?? Heck no! But as this year, I will pick only ONE block so only one quilt to add to my 2016 UFO list lol. 

BUT, I get ahead of myself because FIRST I want to hop over to So Scrappy and admire all the rainbow quilts made by some wonderful quilters. Hope to see you there too. 

Until next time .... 



  1. Citrus Bundle, LIME blocks, and your quilt layout look AWESOME!!! (Who cares about more UFOs?? Just keep quilting!!

  2. J'adoooore ton quilt ! Il est splendide avec ses belles couleurs et là, rajouter du citron vert et jaune ...superbe idée !!
    Bon courage pour ta bordure mais j'ai l'impression que tu as déjà bien travaillé !!
    Bon week-end Chantal et gros bisous !

  3. Your quilt is such fun, it will give you such joy to have it completely finished and in use! Don't make a UFO out of it! You don't have to finish it by 31 January; I didn't finish my 2014 rainbow quilt until May or June! Happy weekend!

  4. Your quilt AND the post is fun....NO vember was a good laugh :)

  5. What gorgeous blocks!! I love your limes...and your quilt!!

  6. You are making wonderful progress. Even if it isn't done by the end of the year, it doesn't count as a UFO unless you stop working on it. Wanting to start something new is the perfect motivation to finish some things off.

  7. I am still laughing! So funny! I haven't even set the blocks from last year's RSC so I'm in good company with you! Ah well, gotta do what the muse wants... I like your blocks. LeeAnna

  8. me again, I had a fun time digging through your blog. What fun you are. I am also a painter, a nature lover, and a singer... well I was in musical theater and sang but I wouldn't audition for the voice heh heh. Anyway, had a great time here! LeeAnna

  9. Beautiful lime green blocks. I love seeing all of your blocks together. You are going to have a fantastic quilt, even if it isn't finished this year.

  10. Love that layout! It looks absolutely fabulous.

  11. No vember is right! 8)
    I love love love your quilt! It makes me so happy that I'm planning to do those blocks for next year's RSC - it's the only block I'm definite about. (I'm trying not to think about the other gabillion quilts I want to make...)
    Life's too short to worry about UFOs. Enjoy the making - they'll be finished when it's their time to be finished. 8)

  12. What beautiful blocks. This is going to be a striking quilt.

  13. beautiful, as always. You are very talented Chantal.

  14. That citrus bundle hanging on the line looks so wonderful and tropical! The block you have chosen is going to make a wonderful quilt. Hopefully, it won't stay a UFO for too long!!!!

  15. Lucky you had that citrus pack! I have no lime green in fact very little green of any sort. Just as well I am not doing the challenge. Your quilt is going to look amazing. xx

  16. Brrr! That snow looks so cold. We are having a mild November here in Ohio. But your fabrics and blocks look so warm and welcoming. You're making great progress. Keep up the good work.

  17. Your quilt is a real beauty, congrats on a good job!

  18. Love your 2015 RSC project! I always stumble on the setting for my RSC blocks, which is why only one of my RSC projects if off the UFO list.

  19. Oh my. I didn't realize how great these blocks would look together.


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