Monday, 28 March 2016

Done ... with February

Here are the little 3.5" blocks missing from February. They are DONE!! I am DONE with February !! YES!!  :^D

From the 20th to the 23rd.

The 24 - 27th of February.  On the last day and the leap day, we did the medallion. Here's mine.

I had to do a blooper, of course. I am glad I did though because while looking at this picture I didn't like the low contrast between the two borders. So back to the cutting board I went.

Better. Let's continue.

How about a group photo?

I have sewn 570 pieces so far and I am only on day 59. I will now start the March blocks and some Y seams. YIKES! I've never done Y seams. Time to learn I guess. Expect more bloopers lol. 

Joining Monday Making for the fun sharing and the fun of seeing the wonderful projects others are making. 

Until next time ... 



  1. oh my gosh the blocks look wonderful... I think one thing that is stopping me from this is getting colours right so they show up nicely - and maybe time since I am doing 2 other samplers!!!

  2. This looks great! Congratulations on getting February done!

  3. Your blocks look lovely. Congrats on getting caught up. Y-seams are not so bad - you will manage just fine.

  4. Hurray!! Your blocks all look beautiful, too.
    I didn't think to keep track of how many pieces we're using for these. I don't know if that would be encouraging or scary...

  5. Your center medallion is beautiful! I like the new, more contrasting border, too.


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