Saturday, 5 March 2016

Sunny Day, Purple Month and OMG

As promised, I took pictures of my latest finish, My Secret Garden, today as it was finally a sunny day.

After a lot of hard work, (for me anyway),  here's my first finish of 2016.

Hexie flowers; some are appliqued and some are machine quilted in the middle squares.

The back is a patchwork of old fabric from the stash of fabric for garments. Again, did some pajamas for the boys with those cars fabrics waaaaaayyyyy back when.

I used white thread for the hexie flowers and gray for the leaves. Not easy to photograph, not easy to see.  Maybe from the back it would show better?

Not much better. Sorry!

Some I am really proud of, others .... well if we learn by our mistakes, I must study this quilt very closely as  I think I just quilted an entire book on what NOT to do lol.

Anywho!! Let's look towards the future and to the new colour for the month of March: Purple!

Peace and Plenty dressed in Purple. Cute, right? I think purple is a camera-shy kind of colour because it always looks faded when I photograph it, or else it turns blue!!

Talking of blue, here it is with its new companion.
LOL. There's the big red guy again. I think if there's only one M&M buddies per  block, they would be able to steal the show from the colours. At least, that's what I hope for.

And for the month of March, my One Monthly Goal will be to turn this beautiful fabric

into a rug for my oldest son's bedroom. I haven't started this project as I am not sure what kind of rug I can do with this. But since it has been waiting for a long time, I think I should stop thinking about it and just do it! You can probably tell by the picture that this fabric is not the usual cotton. It is much thicker, almost upholstery kind of fabric.  (Hurry girl, only three more weekends in March!!)

Right, and I have many 3 inches blocks to do for the 365 Challenge.  Ok, so I better get back to the sewing machine!

Linking with SoScrappy for the RSC2016.
Linking with Red Letter Quilts for OMG.  Hope to see you there too. 

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  1. I love your Secret Garden Quilt! That low volume row in the middle with the hexie flowers is really inosired! Glad I'm not the only one who has trouble getting purple to photograph correctly!

  2. What are you talking about Chantal. The quilting looks great! So does the whole quilt for that matter.

  3. Congratulations on a great finish! It is beautiful. Love the addition of the hexies.

  4. I love your hexie flowers in the secret garden. That's a nice combination of techniques.

  5. Lovely finish on the quilt Chantal - it looks a very happy quilt in the sunshine. xx

  6. Your finish for 2016 is lovely, and the flowers really set it off. Any time I photograph purple it always looks blue.

  7. Congratulations ! Ton quilt est vraiment superbe et les couleurs fantastiques...J'aime aussi la bande intermédiaire de fleurs que tu as incluse au centre.... C'était vraiment une bonne idée !
    Le bloc avec les MMs est trop top ! ah ! ah ! Je retrouve là ton côté très humoristique !
    Bravo Chantal pour tes avancées !!
    Gros bisous

  8. Congrats! on you newly completed quilt. It is so pretty!

  9. Congrats on a very nicely pieced and quilted finish. The hexies are a real addition. Love the purple P and P block. You're right, purple is a sneaky color to catch in a photo.

  10. Congrats on your finish and good luck with the new one!

  11. Love your Secret Garden. The hexie flowers are a great bonus to this quilt. Congrats on your first finish of the year.

  12. Your quilt is beautiful! (I'm amused that it's a garden on one side and a parking lot on the other, though... heehee)
    Can't wait to see your OMG project!

  13. I think your quilt looks fantastic - congratulations! I also think that your Peace and Plenty blocks look like so much fun to work with.


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