Friday, 25 March 2016

Friday Finish

Finally, I have a finish!!  (And it's even not my One Monthly Goal finish lol!)

Remember Lori had a quilt-along named Country Roads? (Feels like such a long time ago) Well I finally finished mine. Yay!!

Remember how I had to undo the border because of a melt down under the iron? I was able to remove the border without removing the parts that were quilted already. Then I repinned the new border and quilted some more.

Eventually, only a little bit was left. So this morning I decided it was done TODAY!! Finished the quilting, sew the binding on and sew it down by hand. (Believe it or not, I have a little blister on my finger.)

Brought it outside because the lighting is not very good in the house today. It's very overcast. We had a little bit more snow yesterday; it makes a nice background for pictures.

Just because you love to see her, I took another picture. She told me she was not impressed that my hand was empty and she pinched my finger with her beak just to make sure I get the point. I went back inside and came back out with lots of nuts and seeds. She was happy! :^) She trained me so well lol.

Anywho! After, I was able to finish taking picture of my latest "scratched off the list" UFO. :^D  It is off to the laundry room for a good wash.

Now, look who's in the little frame, waiting for me.

It is "Shakespeare in the Park" turn. How will I quilt this one?  Blue on blue and white on white so the quilting doesn't show up too much and let the design shine? Or should I do the opposite and quilt the white part with blue thread? Outlined or something more "fancy"? I know one thing; come Sunday I am

joining Kathy and all her friends for some slow stitching so I better make up my mind soon.

For now I'll join Sarah for "Can I get a Whoop Whoop!"

Hope you have plenty of chocolate ... uhmmm ... sewing done this weekend.

Until next time ...



  1. I love your finish. So glad the border worked out fine. I can't believe that sweet little bird sitting on your hand. What a blessing.

  2. Woohoo! A sweet little quilt finished!
    I am so impressed with your birdy friend. How on earth did you manage that?

  3. It's a gorgeous finish - well done. I am so looking forward to see what you do with Shakespeare as it is so gorgeous. xx

  4. Bravo pour ce quilt terminé ! Et oui tu as raison...on ne se lasse pas d'admirer les oiseaux venir picorer des graines dans tes mains !
    Bon week-end chocolaté !

  5. Congratulations on a beautiful finish! I have been thinking about my Shakespeare in the Park quilt lately too. I need to finish the setting corners and quilt it. I was planning on putting it on my OMG goal for April, but I think I am going to finish off a quilt that is closer to the finish line first. I too am impressed with the trust your friend has given you.

  6. what a lovely little quilt and I thought your little bird visitor was adorable.

  7. Your finish is lovely Chantal but I'm waiting for Shakespeare in the Park.

  8. Proud of you for fixing a melted border. That kind of thing goes into my forever UFO pile, I'm afraid.

    I like high contrast quilts like your Shakespeare in the Park quilt, and I usually go with matching threads. Partly it is because I don't trust my stitches and partly i like the texture without attention to the thread. Cute bird. Claire aka knitnkwilt

  9. I've always wanted to make a Shakespeare in the Park--can't wait to see yours finished!

  10. What a great finish. Your Shakespeare in the Park is beautiful with all the pretty blues and white. Look forward to seeing it when you've completed all the quilting.

  11. Your country roads is gorgeous! Great job!
    And the quilt in the hoop is amazing... it will be so fun to quilt!
    I vote for showing every single stitch, so of course I think you should stitch blue on white and white on blue!!!

  12. well done on that lovely finish, the snow is a perfect background... cute little bird. how wonderful to be quilting your Shakespear one... it's going to be stunning

  13. Hope you didn't get chocolate on your quilt! Beautiful quilts and quilting and what a lovely little garden friend you have! The blue and white quilt is going to look really good, it looks bigger than the country roads?? (Which is also gorgeous! I love the quilting design.)


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