Sunday, 24 April 2016

Slow is Good

I thought I could barge in for a minute to show I am still alive.  ;^)

My computer was playing tricks on me with the graphics. Sometimes it was oversized and other time it was too small. Every morning when I opened it I didn't know what I would get. Then I lost Windows. Completely!  No Windows, no computer. It's that simple.  It really distressed me as I have so much saved on it.  Not just quilting stuff but budgets, recipes, addresses, lists ...  It did a number on my nerves. My world was not a happy one.  ;^(

I kind of kept in touch with what my bloggy friends, thanks to my tablet, but I found it hard to comment. (I really love my keyboard, thank you! :^D )

That too depressed me. 

After two weeks, my tech-y wizz nephew got me Ubuntu. It's a Windows wannabe but not like it. I'm still not comfortable with it, but let's move on with something quilting, shall we?

Because I had no computer, do you think I quilted more? 

Nope! Too upset!! The seams were not straight, the hand quilting was not nice and the Ultimate Sampler 365 Challenge was asking for inset seams! Bawhahahahahahaha! 
Nope! Not gonna do that!!

Instead I did something that didn't need to be neat or demanded attention and neatness.  (You'd think I could download some pictures right? Oh gosh!! ) Untouched pictures because I have nothing on this computer to resize them. Sorry!  

Did some string blocks! Mindless work, I'd say. Cynthia is also doing some string blocks. They are lovely. I use the same method to sew my block except for the corners. I mostly dig in my box of saved triangles for the corners.  

I did some orange one too ... of course. 

Today is a beautiful sunny day. Still on the cool side which is fine by me. So, I'll work on this project. 

Shakespeare in the Park. 

I have decided how to quilt the big blue squares. Now that I have a plan, it might get done lol. So far, I have quilted 1/4 inch from the seams and some simple straight lines for the middle star. 

I am using quilting threads of different blues for this quilt. The threads will be as scrappy as the quilt itself. I had more pictures taken but will save them for another day when I can do something about the size. Thank you for being patient. ;^)

Joining Kathy (Slow Sunday Stitching) and Cynthia (Oh Scrap!). Hope you'll come by to see all the eye candy. So fun!

Until next time ... keep in stitches. ;^)



  1. Your string blocks are so colorful! Aren't they nice to run through a sewing machine quickly? Thanks for sharing yours with Oh Scrap!

  2. I just LOVE scrappy String Blocks, but your Shakespeare in the Park is absolutely MAGNIFICENT!!!

  3. Your string blocks look wonderful, even sewing them while stressed!
    I sympathize on the computer issues. I still haven't recovered all my files from my old computer - waiting on my daughter-the-wiz to come visit and rescue everything! I'm glad you had a nephew close at hand, anyway!

  4. I love your Shakespeare in the Park. It is just gorgeous!

  5. I suspect you'll love Ubuntu. It takes a bit of adjustment.

    I love string blocks. Yours look great.

  6. I can't live without my computer. But, I have not blogged in quite a while. Love, love, love your blue quilt. Definitely deserves hand- quilting.

  7. Good to hear from you - how ever did we manage without computers! My husbands computer died last week and the new one is with our computer wizz friend who is setting it up - having to share mine has been very difficult! Love your string blocks and you know I love your Shakespeare (very appropriate at the moment as we have just been celebrating his birthday) your quilting is looking very effective. Good luck with the new program.

  8. Glad to hear that you are getting your computer issues fixed. I just love string blocks and yours are no exception. :)

    I haven't been blogging computer works just fine....I just have not been spending any time quilting! :((

  9. Im so sorry you are having issues with your computer. Love your string blocks. They are so fun to make and so colorful.

  10. Ouh laaa.... quand l'ordinateur ne fonctionne plus, on est perdue !
    Tu as vu ? Je fais des vers ....:)))
    J'adore tes string blocks et avec cet orangé, ça va être génial.....
    Bon courage pour le quilting !!
    Gros bisous

  11. I find tech problems so annoying.... it will sort though... Keep up that quilting!


  12. Your blue quilt "Shakespeare in the Park" is spectacular. I like your idea to use different shades of blue thread. I find it easier on the fingers to quilt a quarter inch from a seam where there is less bulk. (I like the plays of Shakespeare, too). I read Kathleen Tracy's Facebook and blog.

  13. Your SITP is magnificent. I've also made this quilt and will look forward to seeing how you quilt it so I can get some ideas on mine.


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