Saturday, 2 April 2016

(EDITED) Orange and Blue: I'm a Happy Girl!!

The colour for Rainbow Scrap Challenge is


I love orange ... and I love blue ... and I've been working with both this afternoon. It was a GREAT afternoon!!!

I got this fabric out because it looks like orange confetti to me.  Wouldn't you say? I thought the M&M boys would look good in orange.

Was I right? I did this block as a leader/ender while making the little 365 Challenge blocks.

Here's March 9th and 10th

These were pretty simple after March 7th.  (See last post.) Then came March 11th. What a mess I did with that one.

I have to hold it down as it won't stay put.  It is not straight no matter how I hold it. lol. The HSTs in the border are half an inch. Yes, half an inch, no typo. And the HSTon top, first to the right, is almost gone under the other piece. Don't ask me because I really don't know what I have done there. But THERE, it will stay. I am sure it will be joined with more misfits as the quilt progresses lol!!

I didn't want to stop on such a poor note so I made another one; March 12 is the first six" block.

I decided to reverse the values as I have enough of making dark background blocks. After all, who wants a depressing quilt? That decision proved to be a tough one as every time the pattern said dark, I had to think "light". Confusing! Looking at the picture now, I see that I am missing a few points in there. So this one is not perfect either; too bad!

To finish on a good note, here's the orange Peace and Plenty again. For fun!   :^D

Doesn't the blue guy look chill?  He makes me smile.  I know that when I'll attach this piece to the next one, the blue guy will lose its head (Shht! Don't tell him) but for now, he's cute!

Joining Angela for RSC Orange fun.  Com'on over and have a look.

EDITED: I forgot to announce my OMG (One Monthly Goal) for April. As I have done nothing in March, I will make it my April goal.

I want to turn this fabric into a rug for my son's room. Joining Red Letter Quilts. So many participate already, I hope you'll join us or come by to cheer us on. :^D

Until next time ...



  1. I love blue and orange together. Blue is my favourite but at the moment orange might be second favourite.

  2. You've got a nice variety of projects in the works. Have FUN with your ORANGE scraps!!

  3. So many beautiful blocks. That March 12 is my favorite.

  4. Wow! Those are some tiny pieces in thise blocks. They look great!

  5. What lovely blue blocks. That last one's my favourite. Good start to playing with the orange this month.

  6. I like that last one, too! Great idea to try a light background for some blocks. The M&M block is perfect for your orange!

  7. I love your blue and orange block, Chantal; it's so cheerful. That 11 March block must be TINY! What is it? 2" finished? I wouldn't be able to hold such tiny pieces straight long enough to sew them. You did well so far so let's hope its neighbours pull it into shape!

  8. Tous les ingrédients sont réunis pour que tu fasses de tres jolis blocs !

  9. 365 blocks are looking good...i am a tad behind but hope to get current soon...some of them are uber-challenge blocks i think, but great feeling when they are done...mine are not all exactly perfect either, but i just think it will be one heck of an accomplishment to get it all together....

  10. Okay, you're now ahead of me on the 365 blocks! Go, Chantal! (I need to get to work on mine, using you as my inspiration!)
    I love your orange block. Orange is such a glorious color!

  11. I'm back here checking out your goal, as I just added mine. Good luck with it!

  12. I love the tiny blocks. And I"d not worry about lost points. I don't think they show up in a finished product. (I would worry only if I were sending it to a quilt show with precision rules.)

  13. You are doing an impressive job with all those tiny blocks. Keep up the good work! Love your orange and blue block.

  14. ha - I knew there was a reason I hadn't started those tiny blocks!! loving the blue and orange too.

  15. I agree with Claire about the "lost points". There are so many blocks and tiny pieces in that quilt, that you will not be able to spot it. And you probably won't even be able to find "blue" once he is in the quilt. It will be like Where's Waldo?!?

  16. I admire your perseverence with this challenge! Way too many tiny pieces for my arthritic fingers to handle. Your blocks are looking wonderful, and I love that blue and orange!

  17. I think that orange fabric works perfectly with that block. It looks great! Those tiny blocks are incredible.

  18. those 365 challenge blocks look difficult but I do love the orange and blue together !

  19. those 365 challenge blocks look difficult but I do love the orange and blue together !


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