Saturday, 30 April 2016

Finally have a finish

Yes, I finally have a finished project! Yeah!!

Seems like so long ago, (beginning of March) I decided to use up this fabric. It looks wonderful in my son's bedroom and he doesn't have rug so ... let's make a rug.

At the end of March, it was still in the quilting stage.

April showed up and I buckled down to finish this one. It got all quilted in the first week. Then what?

Do I add borders?

Which one? The darker blue? The lighter blue?

I didn't like it. Both of them. It made the project look like a baby quilt lying on the floor. So I had to think really hard about this and then, it dawn on me. Buttonhole stitches.

Just like I did for the rag rug in the playroom. I know that the sides will fray for awhile but that's okay. The ends won't fray that much because I added a little something to make it look even more like a carpet.

Not too bad, right? Well at least, his toes will be warmer when he gets out of bed. :^)

Here's a picture of the  back so you can see the quilting.

It's suppose to be waves like a small river but you can only see them from the back. Which looks like muddy water lol.

Anywho! On to some more fun stuff.

I want to show you what I got in a little squishy envelope about two weeks ago. I was the lucky winner in a draw Julie (JulieKQuilts) had on her blog.

A beautiful batik FQ in my favorite colour (ah! Somebody knows me well!) It will be added to the package of batiks I won from Ellen (Little Jewel Quilts) last year. Soon I will be able to make a beautiful batik quilt. :^D

Julie also sent me a little charm. Oh! But the smallest and CUTEST charm I have EVER seen.

Thimble and scissors to show size of the charm which is only ONE inch. Precious! Thank you so much, Julie. I am thrilled to get one of these. The charm is hand made by Julie (another Julie) at Me and My Stitches. She has an incredible talent.

And now for the linky party:

WIPs Be Gone
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Hope to see you there too.

Until next time ...



  1. I love this rug. I've never seen a quilted rug before. The top looks like a river.

  2. Gorgeous rug Chantal. I love the colors. Congrats on the finish. Nice package you received. I love Julie's little charms and necklaces!

  3. Your rug turned out beautifully! I will have to keep that idea in mind for future reference.

  4. That little rug does look like a river! (But too pretty to walk on!)
    What a sweet little charm!

  5. How clever with the quilted mat.... it looks great.... that charm is very sweet ...

  6. Ton tapis est joli et tu l'as bien quilté Miss Hexie !
    Et félicitations pour le joli tissu bleu gagné ! Ca fait toujours plaisir !!

  7. Glad you like your little charm! I met Julie (Julie meets Julie) at the quilt show in Dallas in March - such fun!

  8. I love your creativity! Will have to think about adding a rug or two around the house. Thank you for linking up with One Monthly Goal!

  9. This rug idea is genius! I just got some heavy decorator fabric gifted to me and this will be a perfect use for it! How did you add the fringe?


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