Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Last of Red?

Not quite. I have more blocks to do. Officially, I still have another week to work on red even if next Saturday is a

Meanwhile, I can show you these. 

Seven Sisters! No, that's not it. 
Seven Hourglass, yes that's it!! Some are leaning towards pink, some are leaning towards orange but they still read red. I need two more blocks and I'm having a hard time finding fabric that reads red. It can't be accompanied by other colors, can't have too much white or black and, of course be more red than pink or orange. That's limiting my choices. If next month's color is green, I'll be in an even bigger pickle than this. 

Hole in the Barn Door is not so fussy about its color. Basically anything goes. Did one more 9 Patch and much more to come. 

Before the end of the month, I need to have this one finished.  

The reveal for the Log Cabin QAL is April first. Still a lot do to on it. Yikes!

Until next time ... sew, sew, sew your seams, gently down the rows. 
                             merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a ... quilt!?  


Joining Angela for Rainbow Scrap Challenge 
Joining Cynthia for Oh Scraps!


  1. Good luck finishing your quilt on time. You can do it. Don't worry about green. There is a wide range of values as well as many many hues. It will be like Christmas after this red month. Have a fun week!

  2. Busy girl! I like your hour glasses. xx

  3. Looks like all your blocks are the fun kind!
    I'm not going to worry about next month's color. As little red as I got done this month, I may continue it halfway through April anyway!

  4. I love how we all have specific fabric needs for different blocks! Your hourglass blocks are so pretty with all of the close values, but the HITBD block is fun with one red and lots of scraps. Have fun quilting your Log Cabin quilt! Can't wait to see it!

  5. That Hole in the Barn Door block in RED for the RSC looks AMAZING!! Best of luck with the quilting on your Log Cabin. You CAN do it!!!

  6. You make great blocks with your red scraps. I will be looking forward to check your Log Cabin progress. Have a great week.

  7. Love those scrappy barn door blocks. I look forward to seeing your finished log cabin soon. Thanks for sharing all your scrappy goodness with Oh Scrap!

  8. I really love your Barn Door block - isn't it nice when blocks are not too fussy about the colours used. ;) There really is such a wide variety in the shades of red and they can be temperamental!

  9. I wonder what our next colour will be... the log cabins are looking wonderful


  10. The scrappy finish section in the Hole in the Barn Door block is so bright. Good luck on the log cabin finish.

  11. Red can sure be tricky can't it? Who'd have thunk it?! I really like your Barn Door block. Good luck with the log cabin quilt!


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