Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Logging is Done

Lob Cabin is a fun block to make and sometimes a little too easy. I had to mess it up. Hey, I don't want to tarnish my reputation just because the block is easy to make, right? I mean, I worked hard for that reputation you know. :^D

Here's what I did in January;  


and 8 more for February; 
I made two more completely neutral and I was half way done when I realised that I don't need two more of those. Arrghhh! What I need two more of are the half-and-half blocks. Back at the cutting board to cut more of the neutral strips as I was running low. 

Remember that I am using only fabric that means something to me, whether it was given to me by a quilty friend or that it represents something that I love. So a lot of pulling out of fabric and refolding followed. 

I manage to do it right on the second try; 
That's more like it. 

I also need 6 completely bright and they turned out like this; 

This is the layout; 

You can clearly see that I didn't need more neutral blocks. I'm sure I can find another job for them. Somewhere else. 

So I am tagging along to Cécile's blog for the traditional log cabin. Béa has the modern counterpart.  You'll see on Béa's blog that Lori and I had the same inspiration for this little Log Cabin QAL. Fun! So don't be shy and go have a look. 

Until next time ... I ♥ my quilty friends. 



  1. I like the paint pallet fabric. Conversational prints are so interesting.

  2. I love how your log cabins made such a pretty heart! What a fun plan!

  3. Rien à dire ma chère Chantal ! J'adooooore le coeur, et tu vois, tu peux utiliser tes tissus à fleurs pour faire un autre Log ! Ce serait un Log romantique. ...

  4. Hihi ça m'a fait rire quand j'ai vu le même coeur ! La Saint Valentin est passée par là, j'adore ce motif.

  5. That's really sweet! And those extra neutral blocks would make dandy applique backgrounds. Or even the label for the back of the heart cabin!

  6. I guess great minds think alike. Unlike your treasured fabrics from friends, I made mine with scraps that my friends no longer wanted. I truly enjoy seeing what I can create from garbage can destined scraps. Can't wait to see your finished top. I am still adding a paper pieced border yet. Thinking about making it a cushion cover for my chair that I can use when I go to quilt guild.

  7. what a neat idea! very clever and it turned out great.

  8. Magnifique ton cœur, bravo. Plein de couleurs, de peps, j'adore. Gros bisous


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