Friday, 24 March 2017

Write Something Witty and Catchy

(That's what my brain told me to write in the title bar.) 😁

Two weeks ago, I have dusted off my 365 Challenge quilt and added the next border. Care to see?

The right side was done so I started to play with the blocks for the left side.

Then, it took too long, and I didn't have enough energy, or whatever, and blah blah blah  .... It took me two weeks to finally get it all together.

This is becoming a very heavy top with all those little pieces. I was afraid that its weight would damage the stitches so down it came and it got ....

its first snow bath. :^D  You might have noticed that there's a corner missing.

There's a good explanation for this. The light border is made of 72 blocks and I only have 71. (??) I have followed the sew along til the 30th of June, 2016. July starts with more 3" dark blocks. So! Where's the last light 6" block? Have I skipped a block somewhere? Have I made 72 blocks but one is lost in my sewing room? Or is the pattern done this way to give the followers a break from working with light fabric? 😕

I guess time will tell. I have pinned the three blocks to the top so I don't lose them too. (In my head, it will be easier to attach a quadrant than a single block. Does that make sense to you too? )

Notice the Buckwheat block on the corner. It's my inspiration for the RSC2017.

Snowflakes are still falling today. They are huge this afternoon. Anyone's in the mood to build snowmen?  ... Okay, in that case a snowgirl maybe?

These are the three blocks waiting patiently to become a foursome. :^D

In April, I would like to give this project some attention by making a few blocks. It has been simmering long enough.

Until next time ... I'll be shovelling.


Joining Sarah for Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?  I love to see what others are stitching together.


  1. Odd about the missing block but, stunning!! xx

  2. oh my gosh your quilt is stunning...even with a missing corner.... I hope the mystery is solved soon!

  3. Oh, it's beautiful! And inspirational! I hope that missing block turns up soon, so you don't have to sit down and figure out which one is missing!
    I've printed out some of the blocks from when I got stalled last year and am planning to make them up and continue. Hopefully I can stay ahead of this years re-issue, but they're getting closer and closer! Practically breathing down my neck at this point.

  4. The details in that look amazing. A lot of work, but amazing.

  5. what a lovely quilt. the photos outside are so lovely!
    I loved your post title, ha ha!!

  6. Wow! Hopefully that fourth block will appear!

  7. It is going to be a real beauty! I really admire your dedication to working on this long-term project. :)

  8. I have not participated in making these blocks and admire anyone who has started and stuck with it. Looks oh so good.

  9. Oh là là. .. ce fut mon expression en voyant ton quilt ! Il va etre superbe Chantal et bleu/marron est une de mes combinaisons préférées. ... bravooo !

  10. Just found your blog and this post. I too made the 365. AND I made a block EVERY DAY because I knew what I would do if I just printed something off and started a stack. I'm glad I did it but I would not do it AGAIN for all the money in the world. It was WORK but I love the finished product. And my dear friend who has a longarm machined it for me so I'm in love again at having this quilt. Yours is very nice and I hope you found your lost block.


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