Saturday, 14 October 2017

I finished something. Yay!

Fiona from BubzRugz, has been whipping up these beautiful baskets for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I been wanting some too so ... since she was so kind to write a tutorial on how she makes hers, (thank you Fiona) this has  happened in my sewing room.

I started with a big orange mess and proceeded to have some fun.

This was the longest part to do. First because I didn't sit at the sewing machine for any amount of time and second, because I wasn't sure where I was going with this. Finding orange fabrics I really love was easy. Plaids too of course. A lonely Flying Geese was found in the triangle's box. The quilting was boring until I decided to go DI-A-gonal! :^D

Then I folded the quilted piece in two and sew the sides. At this point, you need to cut the corners in order to have a boxed basket, as per Fiona's instruction. But I didn't want to cut the Flying Geese. What am I going to do with that? Darn! I should have watched where I placed the pieces. All of a sudden who walks into my sewing room? Why, it's Rebel!

She flattened the sides so the seams are face-to-face.

Picked up the tip of the bottom orange triangle and folded it. A few stitches with the machine and voilà!

I'll be able to pull the basket from the shelf with this little fold. Neat!

But you know what? I didn't like that look. I thought it needed a liner. We went back to the self to have a look at the possibilities.

Tiny little flower fabric was chosen and received the same treatment as the basket.

Hunted high and low to find some special little buttons to decorate the not-so-pretty little folded triangle. Ahhh! That's so much better wouldn't you say? I used the liner to bind the top of the basket. Easy-peasy, thank you very much.

Who has a cute little orange basket on her shelf? It's me! It's me! lol. I think I need a blue one too. Will I follow Fiona's instruction next time? 👀

Until next time ... I'll be weaving.


Joining Rainbow Scrap Challenge. (I know I'm a month behind and it's now Pink Month. I'll try to catch up with Angela next week.) :^D

Joining Oh Scrap! on Sunday.


  1. Fun! I'm off to check out that tutorial!

  2. Your happy orange basket will be a great, useful addition to your shelves! I think you need one in every color!

  3. That is so super cute! thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Great work - I love your triangle corners with the button. xx

  5. Lovely little basket! Is it full already?

  6. Merci pour le tuto Chantal et tu as très bien réussi ta pochette !
    Orange est vraiment la couleur d'octobre !! :)

  7. Very cute! Probably need one in every color, right? :)

  8. You had me at orange! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I've been admiring all the baskets I'm seeing out there this year - I'm sure there are a few in my future! (Though I have a secret fear that if I make a basket for holding scraps of that color, then I won't have any scraps left to put in it...)

  9. What a cute way to use those scraps. Thanks for sharing the tutorial with Oh Scrap!

  10. I love the orange basket. I need to check out the tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  11. very cute in all those great orange fabrics - yes, a blue one would be just as cute!

  12. Terrific! Gotta love an orange basket in October!

  13. Cute orange basket. It will be so handy to pull off the shelf with the little fold on the end.

  14. I love it... the bottom with the button is just perfect.... I wonder how many versions you will come up with. (I often do any old scribble quilting - depending what I feel like as it does get a bit boring! haha)

  15. What a cute and practical use of your scraps. Your solutions to the problems turned in into a sturdy and useful basket. Congrats on a good finish.

  16. So cute...I love the button detail. Rebel is a very good visitor to have!

  17. VERY cute / what a nice project! :) Beautiful finish.


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