Friday, 20 October 2017

It's Flannel Season

One of the glorious mornings we had this week. (No, it's not snow on the ground, just frost.) In real life, the sky was more orange but it's still a beautiful picture.

Same morning, same time, front yard. Amazing! Two minutes later the clouds completely shut the sun off and the colors faded. Awwwwhhhh! :^(

We had frost on the ground, you know what that means, right?  It is the beginning of Flannel Season. Yay!

I started a project two years ago and now it is time to give it some TLC.

Crumb blocks. I have 30 square crumb blocks made...

and 32 star crumb blocks. They are called crumb blocks because the middles are made of little bits of fabric. The block finishes at 8 inches.

The basket has star units already made and corners already cut for the square block. I need to make more centers and for that I need this box...

where all the little bits are stored. Oh the fun I will have this week end, playing with flannel.

Hope you have a great one too.

Joining Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.
Joining Cynthia at Quilting if more fun than housework. 

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  1. What a beutiful sunrise! No rost here yet - in fact we are having a very mild October and I have not had to move any plants indoors yet. I did see the red sun last Monday when I was in UK which was amazing. Love your crumb blocks - what a great idea. Have fun. xx

  2. Someone once told me that we should view and enjoy every single sunrise. We never know how many we will get to see!

    We had a frosty morning several weeks ago but since then it has been incredibly mild for this time of year. When I was out and about yesterday I wore a short sleeved t-shirt and didn't even need a sweater. Still haven't turned on the furnace. :))

  3. Oh you will be snuggly warm with a nice flannel quilt.

  4. Your flannel blocks look like they will turn into a quilt top in no time! Hope you get to enjoy some stitching time today!

  5. I love flannel season, too!

  6. Figure-toi que j'ai un kit en flanelle depuis au moins 5 ans chez moi et que je n'ai pas encore ouvert..... shame on me !
    Tu vas peut-être me donner l'envie de l'entamer....
    J'aime beaucoup tes blocs ! Hâte de voir ce que tu vas nous faire !
    Gros bisous :)

  7. Flannel is perfect for this time of year. Great idea to sew up your scraps like that. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  8. beautiful sky pictures - I always think yo are so clever using up your small pieces into lovely blocks...


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