Friday, 29 December 2017

Last but not least

It is the last weekend of 2017 and I intend to make the most of it.

Over the last week, I did some 9 Patch blocks. Oh! Look! They are of the same colors as the 9 Patch blocks for the On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt by Bonnie K. Hunter. What a coincidence!!

While at was making these blocks, (25 units made) I just had to make some traditional 9 Patch too. (I have a few projects that need some.)
Even the French General joined the rank of the 9 Patch.  :^D

These were my leader / ender to my 365 Challenge block but something happened over night (blame the eggnog) because I suddenly found myself surrounded by geese. Yes, geese!!

Forty-five geese to be exact. (Not sure about the one on top at the right over there, it looks pretty heavy.) (It's probably stuffed.)

So, since all the fabric was already out, I did some of the diamonds. (11 units made) and did eventually located the 365 Challenge block (hugging the eggnog) and was able to finish it.

You may look at it but please don't touch. It is in time out. You see it was on such bad behavior, very naughty, it wanted to have its own way, and grrr! Then the seam ripper broke out a sweat trying to fix it, threads were flying everywhere and, stubborn as it was, it got me using some big words. Grrrr!!! I then had to reach for more eggnog to calm down. /8-}

Fiiiiinallllly, all 109 pieces (in a 6.5 inches block) are aligned correctly. I am so relieved to see that the next block is an easier one with less pieces.

Not all geese are the same. 

Bonus triangles

So, for the weekend, since we are still getting the Siberian cold treatment (at one point we had -48 Celsius with the wind factor) I plan to catch up with this Ringo at his lake and sew up a storm. (I hope he has eggnog.) How about you? What's the plan for the last weekend?


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  1. Have you seen that Ringo is on the New Year’s Honours List? He’s to get a knighthood! Who’d have known the Queen was a Beatle fan!
    What perseverence with the 109 tiny pieces. When you finish the 365 challenge, you’ll be so proud of yourself! Blocks like this one are such a trial!

  2. Good for you for persevering with that naughty showed him who is the boss!

    This weekend I will be working on my ORL mystery as well.

  3. 109 pieces! Each one adorable - like a baby - cute but not cooperative. Your Ringo blocks look adorable. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist!

  4. Wow your machine and you are smoking! That's a lot of pieces for one block! You did a great job on it. Happy New Year,

  5. WOW you got so much done / and so many pieces for one block. My head would explode if I tried that :) Have a Happy New Year! :)

  6. well you are certainly challenging yourself for the end of the year.... Happy New Year...

  7. It's always a *mystery* how those blocks just happen to show up in the sewing room, lol! I'm impressed with the block with 109 pieces, too! Happy New Year, Chantal!

  8. What a cute post!! Nice progress on your ORL Mystery quilt. The thing that caught my attention was the 109 pieces in a 6.5" block!!! Whaa!?!?

  9. Oh, my goodness gracious me! That 365 block is still in my future! I may need to make some eggnog...
    Welcome to Ringo Lake!

  10. It is amazing what eggnog can accomplish. I love all of your blocks.

  11. Great progress on your Bonnie Hunter quilt. Sounds like the egg nog was quite helpful.


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