Friday, 15 December 2017

Surprise X two

Do you like surprises? I do! I do!

Spurred by Sarah's Wednesday post, (go read it, it's a good one) I started to change things around in the sewing room. I have been neglecting a lot of things lately so there was a lot to be done (still not all done but getting there). I am very encouraged by Sarah's new linky party too. Oh! It'll be fun.

Anywho! Do you remember the missing block in my 365 quilt? I thought I was going crazy for losing a block and not being able to finish this inner border.

Well, with me tidying up the sewing room, look what I found. Clipped together was this little bundle of pieces. Now, which block are those pieces for?

I measured them all and looked at every single block on the 365 challenge list to see if I could find a match.

And I did. These pieces are for the WTC Union block, posted on June 19th. Thinking I had finally found the missing block, I got the flimsy 365 out and searched for the said block. Yep, it's already in there. It's not the missing block. :^(
The mystery continues. But at least, now I know I am NOT going crazy. YAY!! :^D 😁

Then, I got another surprise! Such a nice one too.

Look! I got a squishy envelop. Even better it is recycled envelop. I so love that.
The Joyful Quilter  and I decided to swap a little mug rug back in November. I will have to make another post to show you what I made for her because, well, it's a long story. Anywho! I have received the mug rug she has made for me. YAY!

Isn't it gorgeous? I so love it. Oh wait! Maybe the little arrow in the middle should be pointing upward.

Okay, that's better. I am so in love with it. The little + signs are made with tiny little pieces, like 1/2 inch finished tiny. WHOA!!  It is soooo awesome! I love the colors, I love the design, I just love it. Joyful used all the colors of the rainbow because it is where we have met, under the rainbow, at Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge (every Saturday).

But wait, that's not all. I was in for another SURPRISE! I turned the mug rug around and what did I see?

Another mug rug! Whoohoo! That's awesome!!

It is a nice star of some kind made with repro fabric. Mmmm so gorgeous!

But wait, that's not all! I also got this.

A piece of York chocolate, yum-yum, and two soda-pop can tabs. (?) I had to ask Joyful what was that for and she said you sew them to the back of the mug rug and they hold the rug on the nails, for my Fabulously Famous Quilt Wall.  Duh! I didn't know that. This is such a great idea. Joyful is a very talented lady and very smart too. I wouldn't have thought of this in a million years. Another happy surprise.

But wait. On which side am I suppose to sew these tabs? I love both sides. Oh no, what do I do?

I decided to do what I usually do; hang it with old dulled pins. Ha!

Here it is with the others Fabulously Famous Quilts. I will flip it in about a month time so I can enjoy the other side for a bit.

Thank you so much Joyful. Seriously I ♥ it a LOT. It looks like it's saying I have + + + friends around the world. And you, Joyful, are one of them. ♥

The little bird house was given to me by Rhonda (at Ravelly1) from Texas, back in August 2014. And that's when the Fabulously Famous Wall began. The cardinal has its twin in France at Cecile's house.

Of course, Azure has a little niche too. She comes from Mangofeet's farm (New York State). I added some grass with tiny little flowers. The quilting is wavy with some swirls so she can hear the wind as she is running around in her field of flowers. She loves to run. I framed her with a bias tape of pink gingham because, you know, she's a country piglet. I love her.

Abundance, a quilt-along hosted by Lori at Humble Quilts in Oregon. I so wanted to join in for Palmateer Point but alas, it wasn't meant to be. I have kept the instructions and, one day, I will have my own Palmateer Point on the wall. :^D

The big log cabin heart was made with Cecile's help. She and Béa hosted a sew-along. Well, you sew whatever you wanted as long as it was made of log cabin blocks and it had at least 16 blocks. (You can see more of it here.) It was fun. These two French girls are doing it again in January 2018. It will be the same rules but with basket blocks. Any basket design will do. Traditional or modern, it's up to you. Want to join? Just follow the link and put your name on the list. It's that easy. I'm in. :^D

I still have plenty of space on my wall because there are so many more quilters I have to meet still. :^D

That's all for now. See you soon.


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Angela at So Scrappy
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  1. Fabulous gifts Chantal - I hope your wall gets filled up so that you need another!

  2. I love your Fabulously Famous Quilt wall! Great idea. I haven't finished my Palmateer Point either, that's what next year is for!

  3. I love all the quilts on your Fabulously Famous wall :) I hope you figure out what block those pieces are for!

  4. I hope you figure out your block mystery soon! And I love your Fabulously Famous Quilt Wall!

  5. Your friendship wall is a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing. I checked out Sarah's post and plan to join her Scrap Attack. Just what I needed.

  6. love your wall..... I never thought of hanging up mug rugs! I use them for mugs?????? haha... some of us have no imagination! good luck with the great block mystery search.... hmmmm


  7. Everything on your wall looks fabulous! Sorry you didn't find your lost block - I'm sure you will find it once you make a replacement.

  8. The pop tops are a new one to me! Great idea though! Love the little plus mug rug! Your wall is a bright and happy one...I love looking at my minis while I'm in my sewing room!

  9. I'm pleased to have joined your Fabulously Famous Quilt Wall. SEW glad that you like your new Positively Mini plus quilt!! The tab idea came from art quilter Deborah Boschert. Awesome teacher with a fabulously comprehensive book about art quilting.

  10. I have a wall of quilts from friends too. I find so much inspiration from them. Hope you find your block soon :)

    Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  11. I like the scrap project link up. It looks like fun and I love the beautiful quilts on your wall.

  12. Your wall of quilts is truly fabulous!


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