Friday, 12 January 2018

Blue Month

I am so happy! For the Rainbow Scrap Challengers it's the Blue month! YAY! (I love blue, can you tell? )

Here's what I did.

Some 6.5" (unfinished) baskets for Cécile Sew Along in blue

This one is the "Peace Basket". A little bit of Christmas fabric, hehehe!

then, I did some in green.

The itsy bitsy bits used in these fun baskets were provided by The Joyful Quilter and JulieKQuilts. Thank you, girls, for feeding my addiction. :^D

On the 365 Challenge front, I did

July 7 - Road to California - 28 pieces (My choice of fabrics is not the best but it'll do)

July 8 - Coffin Star - 20 pieces  (Such an odd name)

July 9 - Sugar Bowl - 9 pieces

July 10 - Rosebud - 28 pieces

July 11 - Star Flower - 24 pieces (The hairiest block ever!)

July 12 - Mock Log Cabin - 12 pieces

July 13 - Patience Corner - 12 pieces

Total of pieces in this week 3.5" blocks - 133

July's total so far 375 pieces. Phew!

That's all for now.



Sarah for "Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?"

Angela for Rainbow Scrap Challenge on Saturday

Cynthia for "Oh Scrap!" on Sunday


  1. pretty basket blocks for the sew along.

    oh my! those tiny blue blocks are fabulous!!

  2. Great little bit of Christmas in that basket block :) You have so much patience, working on those small blocks for the 365 day challemge quit. I love those blues. It's going to look awesome.
    (PS - I think your blog has reverted back to "noreply-comment" status. That's how your last comment on my blog came through. Thought I'd mention it in case it wasn't on purpose.)

  3. Lots of pretty blue to look at today, Chantal! I love your new little baskets!

  4. Look at all those 365-blocks! You are on a roll!
    Love those baskets, too!

  5. Beautiful blocks! I love that you count the pieces. My quilting friend Bill (no blog...he struggles just taking photos with his smart phone!) does the same and has inspired a fee of us in my quilt guild to do the same...even if it is just to be able to answer his question of "how many pieces?" !!

  6. Wow so many projects here ; love them all! :)

  7. So many great blocks! You have been busy with blue.

  8. Wow - you got a lot done! When I made my blocks this week for the RSC some of the strips had been in the bin for so long that they had grown beards. lol

  9. I'm SEW glad that you were able to use some those scraps that I sent for your Basket blocks!

  10. Gorgeous blue blocks and sweet basket. Happy 'Blue' New Year. xx

  11. Those little baskets are definitely my favorite!!

  12. So many great blocks! Look's like you have plenty blue fabrics ;)

  13. Est-ce que tu rêves aussi en bleu ?? Hihihihi ! Tes blocs sont très très beaux et je suis trop impatiente de voir comment tu vas organiser tout cela !
    Gros bisous !

  14. Great work! And I'm so impressed with your progress on the 365 day challenge. I'm only up to Jan 12. I'm impressed with your working so far into the future!

  15. wow you got heaps done....

  16. I am in love with those basket blocks! They really look great. Thanks for sharing all your lovely blocks with Oh Scrap!

  17. All those pieces are turning into lovely blue blocks. Your eventual total will be in the millions, I bet. The baskets are sweet on the yellow.

  18. What itty bitty blocks! You are an inspiration. The baskets are darling.


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