Saturday, 20 January 2018

Blue Saturday

Today, my main man is gone to his friend's place, an hour drive one way, so he won't be back soon. You know what that means, right? It's fabric day at my house, whoohoo!

I want to play with blue.

I need to finish my scrap basket à la Fiona in blue.

I also want to add a medium blue block to this RSC 2017 quilt. These nine blocks aren't enough for a decent size quilt.

I made some more scrap units so the future blocks will go together pretty quickly. Love that. These units will be trim to 4.5 inches.

Last summer, I got this table at Market Place on line. It's only 2 feet wide but it's the 8 feet length that I just love. I drove two hours (one way) to get it and it barely fitted in my van, tucked all the way to the front and the hatch-door closed 1/2 inch from the leg of the table. Phew! I regret nothing! This week, I cut the fabric for the borders on the RSC2016 and it was so easy on this table.  So you will see more of that project soon.

Do you have the blues at your place? I know Angela does. Come and see. Just click here to see a lot of blue beauties.

Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun than Housework as the scrap bug. Lots of lovely scrappy projects to see.

See you later, Alligator.
Take care, Polar Bear.



  1. I love seeing what others do with all their scraps. Nice work.

  2. Oooh, i like these scrappy churns, very nice!

  3. Love the scrappy churn dashes..I've been thinking a LOT of doing a churn dash quilt myself! But I need to start to get one done, right?

  4. I did all my blues for the month aside from having a blue dinosaur and star to sew on a baby quilt but I'm visiting around. Love those colorful Churn Dash blocks!

  5. yay, I'm looking forward to your ala Fiona basket!! haha.... Ilove those churn dashes with scrappy edges.. such a great idea... There is nothing like having lots of space on a table... makes such a difference...

  6. Looking forward to seeing how your BLUE basket turns out!! Smart thinking with that crumb-y prep for your other blocks. Now you are set to SEW!!!

  7. Love the way you made those churn dashes!!

  8. Love the scrappy blocks. You are sew organized. Scrap Baskets are on my quilty to-do list ... :) Pat

  9. What a great table. Looks like it is has plenty of working space. Enjoy your sewing day. Always nice to have a little alone time now and then.

  10. Oh my gosh!! Your scrappy Churns - i LOVE them!!

  11. You are using your scraps in some great ways. Live all your blocks. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  12. That's a great table! All that space is so useful! I love your scrappy churn dashes, too - especially the way you can do some of the parts ahead of time.

  13. I love the blocks you have done so far. using a part that is very scrappy and not just that colour.

  14. What a useful table! Making those scrap units ahead of time is going to be really handy. xx


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