Sunday, 21 January 2018

Do I hoop?

Kathy, at Kathy's Quilts, for the first Photo Challenge of the year, asks if we use hoops.

Yes, I do have hoops.
Do I use them?
Not so much.
Most of the one I use are just oops, (no h) but I do have some with an h. (hehehe)

My favorite way of quilting is on the frame my DH made for me ages ago.
It is an older picture because now a days you can't see the frame for the ton of fabric bins beside it. Only the front is cleared so I can sit and quilt. It is what I will do tonight as I watch "Victoria" on PBS TV.

As for the hoops, I have a wooden oval one, bought at a second hand store a few years back. I do have the hardware to attach it to the stand but no stand. It is a project for DH.
It is very sturdy and heavy, so when I do use it, I need to sit at a table so it can lean on the table. Otherwise, it's awkward.

Plastic hoops: I have tried the square one which has a half-circle that clip to the base. It is nice and easy to manage. A little too big to be a carry-along type of hoop but I like it.

The circle one I use when I have to do embroidery or cross-stitch. I don't think it could handle the three layers of a quilt as it is very petite. In other words, it gets no usage, lol.

Another one that doesn't get used anymore but use to, is my smallest one.

With this hoop, my mother taught me how to cross-stitch when I was 5 years old. It is only 5 inches, perfect for little fingers. It is made of metal and it doesn't have a screw-clap like the plastic one.

It has a little spring. All you have to do is slip the top on to the base of the hoop and pull the fabric tight. You are then ready to stitch. It was much easier to use and very user friendly for the little fingers. It has a lot of beautiful memories.

And that's all for my hoops. Do you hoop? Want to see more hoops? Join us at Kathy's place.

Toodle-loo, Kangaroo.



  1. Love your hoops, especially the metal hoop, my all time favorite, love the quilting frame too.

  2. How many hoops does a woman need? I am sure I need some more.
    Love your frame table.

  3. What an array of hoops! So handy to have a hubby able to craft a frame for you.... I think he needs a nudge to get the stand made =).

  4. I have more oops than hoops. ha ha. LOVE your blue/white quilt. Your quilting frame is awesome. My husband is very crafty as well. Happy stitching!

  5. I'll be watching Victoria while quilting tonight too. Sounds like a perfect way to end the weekend.

  6. Your DH made a beautiful quilting frame for you! I have seen the oval hoops with stands at yard sales and thrift shops but they looked like they would be awkward to use and not terribly sturdy for a large quilt so I never bought one. I do use a Grace Hoop 2 on the stand and like it for larger projects as it keeps the weight of the quilt off of me, but I also use a round hoop for some projects that I can take to the living room where the tv is when we want to watch a program in the evening.

  7. Lol, on sewing oops. That is my style also.

  8. I had one of those little metal spring hoops when I was a kid, too! Thanks for the memory!

  9. Hello ! Pour quilter je n'utilise aucun tambour... pour la simple raison que je ne sais pas quilter avec !
    Gros bisous et ...happy quilting !

  10. Fun to see your frame and hoops. I have hoopas and a floor frame. What I use, depends on the project.
    Thank you for sharing!


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