Sunday, 19 August 2018

Dusty projects

Got up at 6am (as usual) this morning and the house was so quiet, it was eerie. Nothing at all, not even husband snoring! I check the clock and oh! power outage. DARN!!

We always have the furnace's fan on to make the air circulate otherwise it gets muggy in the house. I was starting to feel it already. The power has been out for only 2 hours so far . Oh Gosh!

Got the kettle and stepped outside to heat the water the old fashion way.

There was a slight breeze but it was very humid. Yuck! Not opening the window. So now that I am armed with my coffee, what am I supposed to do? Can't finish laundry; can't bake breakfast. It's a good thing I did some muffins last night.

Zucchini muffins
Grabbed one and went downstairs. Looked around the sewing room and Oh no! I can't log in and see what's going on at Kathy's place and Cynthia's place. Double Darn!! It is my tradition to sip my coffee with these girls on Sunday morning.

Quilting is more fun than Housework

I don't want to clean, it's Sunday morning. There's NO cleaning on Sunday morning! I've done enough on Saturday of that. It is getting so humid in the basement, it is now to the point of annoying me. I'm glistening, hahaha! Gosh, I need air.

Okay, let's find something to do. Think of something else. Then I spotted my new die-cut. Oh fun! Let's give this baby a try.

I haven't played with my big Sizzix in such a long time, it was dusty. Put some scrap on it and turned the handle. And ta-dah!Eh! What?

It didn't cut all the way through. What's with this? Well, that deflated my balloon quick enough, thank you. Took everything up and placed it back on the dusty shelf.

Siiiiggghhhhhhhhhh! What now? (The silence is deafening.) Oh, there's something.

I could kit some blocks from the 365 Challenge. I could use them as my leader-ender blocks. I haven't worked on this one in a very long time. Grab the box and oh, yes, it's dusty too, hahaha. Then, ... it dawn on me! The patterns are in the computer which is powered by ... ugh! electricity! ARRRRGH! Double triple darn!!

Come back electricity, I need you. I need my usual Sunday ritual. (gosh, maybe I am more OCD than I thought) And this silence is getting on my nerves!!!  I need to get busy, think of something else than the lack of sounds. Let's get another coffee.

The amount of dew this morning made it impossible to sit outside, which was a bummer because, by this time, it was nicer out. I'm thinking of all the slow stitching projects joining Kathy's place and ... oh wait! ... I DO have a slow stitching project. YAY!! Let's get that.

I unfold my Quilt of the Century and (cough, cough) it is so dusty. It has been waiting for some attention since August 31, 2016. Yep, two years, almost to the day.

This is the last thing I did with it. Remove all the "border" hexagons.

Now, Michelle from the Wednesday Sewing Club told me to add three hexagon on the sides to make them straighter. It will be easier to attached the last border to it. Sigh. Why have I removed them in the first place? Don't remember! Anywho!

Good thing I never got the chance to undo them as I am now piecing these back to the quilt. Ironic? (I am surprise at the speed I located these pieces, wow! Maybe I am more organized than I thought.)

But now that I have something to keep my hands busy, I feel better. :^) It's Sunday Zen Time again!! Ahhhh!

I'll join Kathy (Slow Sunday Stitching) and Cynthia (Oh Scrap!) whenever the electricity gets back.

Happy Sunday Morning to all.



  1. It looks like you have your power back! Yay! It is interesting how list we feel when we get knocked out of our regular routine.

    Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  2. I forgot about all the everyday things you do with electricity, until you don't have power. Enjoy the power and your stitching time.

  3. Isn't it amazing how quiet and still it gets when the electricity goes off. I love the silence but not the inconvenience. Glad to see you were able to make coffee and find something to slow stitch today.

  4. Glad to see that your power is back up and that you found something to do in all of that silence!!

  5. Oh noooo, I just really hate to lose electricuty too. But, i guess that's what hand work is for, right? I notice you used your gill burner--we have one but have never used it--thanks for the tip--easier than our old camping stove for sure...
    Your hexagons are so pretty...hugs, Julierose

  6. haha, it's amazing how lost one feels without the electricity on... I feel your pain! Glad to see the hexagons out... can't believe it was 2 years ago!!

  7. Hi Chantal your hexie quilt is so pretty and what a bummer about the electricity being off,its amazing how much we rely on it,hope you have a wonderful week my friend xx

  8. You are hilarious! Hope the hydro came back and you could recover... and enjoy some slow stitching!

  9. Brilliant. If in doubt - always go for coffee! Nice to see the hexies again though.xx

  10. I enjoyed the read today. Oh how we depend on electricity.

  11. Anything that makes me lose my "normal" bothers me. Some surprises are good, but losing basic things like water or electricity makes such a big difference in our lives. I don't realize how much I use it until it is gone. Hopefully since you have written the blog post, your electricity is back.

  12. LOL...had to laugh, sorry, probably shouldn't cause I feel the same when I can't get on my computer. The old fashion way to me made me think of our old coleman camp stove in the basement. Very nice you have that on your grill. We still grill on school with charcoal, so that wouldn't work for me, but hubby's been moaning and wanting a new perhaps we'll upscale cause being able to make coffee is a HUGE plus in my book. Who can start the day with out it. Love your quilt and hope you make more headway with it. Do you have any of your patterns on your phone? I sometimes have a few on my ipad.

  13. Oh, I know that lost feeling! You start working down a list of alternative activities and realize every single one of the things you like to do involves electricity... When I lived in rural Vermont, we lost power often enough that I invested in a headlamp so I could still read or knit while I sat in the dark.
    (And this is one of the primary reasons I've always preferred a gas stove - if the power goes out, I can still make coffee. And supper.)
    Glad your power is back up!

  14. Power outages are why I have a gas stove, I can still cook and bake even if the electricity is off. Living on a dairy farm, it's extremely important the cattle have access to water all the time so we have a generator powered by one of the diesel tractors. So my power never stays off too long. I'm careful though not to use electronics when running the generator. I always worry about slight power fluctuations. Glad your power is back on and you're up and going again. Your EPP project is too pretty to let set for 2 years again. Happy stitching!

  15. Loss of electricity is so frustrating because everything is electric now. Yikes! We are so dependent on it. Your post was so cute!

  16. Loved this post, I felt like I was right there with you; following you inside and out, feeling the damp, smelling the dust. It's so frustrating to have something planned and then not be able to do it. I've never switched gears very fast and have a hard time motivating myself to do something different than what I had planned. Glad you could find a project that didn't need any more energy than you have in your hands.


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